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A -share intelligent sports headset concept stock list combing (March 24) (It is recommended to collect reading)

What are the stocks of intelligent sports headphones?Chaoyang Technology (002981):On March 22, the news of the closing

  What are the stocks of intelligent sports headphones?

  Chaoyang Technology (002981):On March 22, the news of the closing of Chaoyang 002981 rose 2.09%to 33.140.The market value is 3.181 billion yuan.

  According to the news on March 22, the net inflow of funds was 8.9517 million yuan, the net inflow of large single funds was 8.447 million yuan, and the transaction amount was 142 million yuan.

   Chaoyang Technology achieved total revenue of 459 million yuan in the third quarter of 2023, an increase of 21.45%year -on -year; gross profit was 112 million yuan, and its net profit was 42.8635 million yuan.

  The company’s prospectus disclosed that the company has strong design and development and manufacturing capabilities, high standard quality control levels, and can provide smart or special -featured headset products for downstream electro -sound product brands and smart terminal manufacturers, such as smart headphones and smart sports headphones, Intelligent translation headsets, TWS headphones, high waterproof Bluetooth sports headphones, active noise reduction headphones, gaming headphones, etc.;

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