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Editor’s note:Strategic emerging industries and future industries are the main positions for forming new productive co

Editor’s note:Strategic emerging industries and future industries are the main positions for forming new productive country’s “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” proposes that in the field of cutting -edge technology and industrial reforms such as brain -like intelligence, quantum information, genetic technology, future networks, deep -sea air development, hydrogen energy and energy storage, etc., organize and implement future industrial incubation and acceleration plans , Plan the layout of a group of future industries.CCTV’s “AI Times Pictorial” has launched a series of plans, which has never seen new productive productivity in the future.

Dive!From ancient times to the present, human exploration of the unknown world of the deep sea has never been interrupted.This issue of “AI Times Pictorial” takes you on a magical journey about deep sea extension …

231 meters!This is the depth of my country’s first “Haisan II” submarine -deep -guaranteed deep -guaranteed crushing rig system in the South China Sea. The deep water successfully drilled drilling in the South China Sea, refreshing the deep record of the world’s deep sea drill drill drill.

10909 meters!As the first manned submersible in my country to reach the deepest part of the global ocean to carry out scientific research and operations, the “Struggler” successfully sat in the Maliana groove in 2020, and 10909 meters deeply set a new record for Chinese manned deep dives.In the past four years, the “Struggler” has completed 230 dives, including 25 times in depth of more than 10,000 meters, allowing 32 people to reach the bottom of 10,000 meters to carry out homework.

The ocean is a strategic place for high -quality development, and the deep sea is a treasure house with high development prospects.The construction of marine power as an organic composition and important task to promote the modernization of Chinese -style is a strategic deployment made by General Secretary Xi Jinping.

With the development and progress of my country’s science and technology, from the shallow sea to 10,000 meters of deep sea, on the way to dream of deep blue, the development of China’s deep sea exploration and development has continued to “dive”.my country has broke through a number of core technologies, and has achieved a qualitative leap in marine detection and carrying operations represented by submersibles such as the “Dragon”, “Deep Sea Warriors”, and “Struggler”.

Development and understanding of different marine equipment requires different marine equipment. Manned submersible is one of the important equipment to investigate the deep sea.General Secretary Xi Jinping is very concerned about and supports the research and development of my country’s manned submersible.

On June 27, 2012, in the fifth dive test of the 7000 -meter -level sea test, the maximum dive depth of 7062 meters reached 7062 meters. It was found that rich biodiversity existed on the bottom of the sea.

In 2012, my country’s first self -designed and independent integrated operation -type deep -sea manned submersible “Longlong” won the 7000 -meter -level sea test successfully, marking that my country has already carried out research and exploration of deep -sea resources in the world in the world in more than 99.8%. Ability has achieved a major breakthrough in my country’s deep -sea technology.On May 17, 2013, the General Secretary specially met with representatives of manned deep dive advanced units and advanced workers, and encouraged everyone to unite and work hard, promote the continuous breakthrough of my country’s marine cause, and make new breakthroughs in the construction of a strong marine country. More scores.

In 2018, the 10,000 -meter manned deep dive was at the most critical moment.EssenceHe encouraged everyone to accelerate the construction of deep -sea R & D bases, accelerate the development of deep -sea technology, and promote the comprehensive development of marine technology in my country.

The “Struggler” is the fourth -in -sea manned submersible in human history.On November 28, 2020, the “Struggler” returned after the successful completion of the 10,000 -meter sea trial.The General Secretary sent a congratulatory letter for the first time to congratulate heated congratulations.He hopes that all scientific researchers who are dedicated to the research and development of deep -sea equipment and the abyss scientific research will continue to promote the scientific spirit, climb the peak of deep -sea science and technology, work hard to accelerate the construction of the Chinese dream of the construction of marine power and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.The development of the ocean has continuously made new and greater contributions.


General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to further care about the ocean, understand the ocean, and the ocean, and promote the continuous achievements of my country’s marine power.

On December 27, 2023, the “Dream” of the first ocean drilling ship “Dream” independently designed and built in my country successfully completed its first trial.The “Dream” is equipped with the world’s most advanced drilling system. After 2024, it will mainly undertake major national scientific and technological projects and international ocean scientific drilling tasks.

At present, my country has launched large scientific projects, bringing together scientific and technological resources in various disciplines, fields, and levels to build an underwater scientific observation network.

The “dive” is deep in the sea and expanding new quality and new dimensions. It is not only a key topic of scientific and technological innovation, but also a strategic proposition that affects the future.In the inaccessible deep -sea world, we will eventually reveal the endless mysteries hidden on the bottom of the sea.

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