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Announcement of the results of the collection of mascots of the 2nd Primary School Games in Beijing

CCTV Beijing April 26 (Reporter Wu Jiayi) The Beijing Second Elementary School Games (hereinafter referr

CCTV Beijing April 26 (Reporter Wu Jiayi) The Beijing Second Elementary School Games (hereinafter referred to as the “Little Games”) organized by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Sports Bureau and hosted by the Beijing Youth Palace and Daxing District Education CommissionIt will be held in mid -June 2024.On January 18 this year, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued the “Notice on Collecting the Second Mascotic Mascot of Beijing” to solicit small lucky mascots for primary school students in the city.During the event, auspicious objects were collected and voted. A total of 3380 works were collected. The online viewed volume exceeded 130,000, and the number of likes was 550,000.

After the online voting, the relevant experts of the Municipal Youth Palace organized the expert review team to conduct a preliminary evaluation of all the works collected online. The 141 works selected by the expert group and the top 100 works on the online voting participated in the offline selection.In the end, a total of 123 best designs and excellent design works were selected by experts to select the mascot of this small luck.

The best design work is a mascot of the current small games, and 30 works are selected, and the small games event on June 15th and 16th were displayed.

Best Design Award (Draw)


Image source: Capital Education

Work name: 呦 作 :

Work number: 230038432

Author: Huang Xinyi

The area: Xicheng District

School: Beijing Second Experimental Primary School (Headquarters) Class 5 (8) Class (8)

Design Notes:

The corner of the deer falls off once a year, symbolizing the cycle and regression of life, and is a symbol of healthy and longevity.Fast running speed can represent courage and strength.Deer also expresses the rich and diverse symbolic meaning of beauty, purity, and kindness in ancient Chinese culture.Therefore, I choose the mascot of this sports meeting with the image of the sika deer.

The sika deer wearing Chinese traditional martial arts clothing has both the beautiful meaning of the deer and the connotation of the traditional Chinese culture inheritance.The swinging arm and the beating legs all show the characteristics of the teenager’s lively, cheerful, love sports.At the same time, this dynamic design can cooperate with various sports equipment to meet the needs of sports mascots to use each competition project.

I named him “,”, which was taken from “呦 呦 鸣” in “The Book of Songs · Xiaoya Luming”, which means a beautiful life and hope.

List of winning (drafted)


Image source: Capital Education

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