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Bayan improves the living environment of the living environment

□ King Xiaodong Song Li Reporter Pan Hongyu Bai Yunfeng Bayan County vigorously improves the r

□ King Xiaodong Song Li

Reporter Pan Hongyu Bai Yunfeng

Bayan County vigorously improves the rural living environment and solves outstanding problems in the rural environment.This spring, the county carried out a comprehensive rectification of rural environmental sanitation in the county throughout the county. Taking rural environmental sanitation as a breakthrough, the construction of the village construction was closely combined with the village appearance and village appearance., Strengthen measures, pay close attention to the implementation, gradually improve the rural production and living environment, solidly and orderly promote the construction of beautiful rural villages, and strive to make new development of rural industries in the county, new improvement of peasant life, new changes in village appearance, and beautiful rural construction.New results.

The government guides Village to lead the participation of the whole people

Bayan County Party Committee and County Government attaches great importance to the spirit of the provincial and municipalities, increase guidance and standards, and set up the leading group of the county’s rectification activities.Work.Each township also set up a leading group of remediation work accordingly, and set up an office, which is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and commanding the work of rectification operations.Villages, enterprises and institutions have established corresponding leadership groups and institutions of environmental sanitation.The environmental sanitation rectification situation formed a “government guidance, village leadership, and participation in the whole people”.Since the comprehensive rectification of rural environmental sanitation, the county has held a mobilization conference on comprehensive environmental sanitation rectification work. The meeting clarified the work responsibilities, work content, work goals and work requirements.

Formulate planning and implement tasks.The Bayan County Party Committee and County Government has issued the “Plan for the Environmental Sanitation Action Action of Rural Spring Environmental Sanitation in the Country” and “Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Environmental Sanitation Remediation of Rural Environmental Sanitation in the County”, which clarifies work tasks, work standards, work requirements, work steps, completion timeliness and other aspects.content.

Extensive publicity and highlights the focus of comprehensive advancement

Guide farmers to change traditional bad habits, develop good living habits, and create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in.On May 29, Bayan County held the county’s environmental sanitation training promotion meeting.At the promotion meeting, the county party committee secretary and the county magistrate team, members of the county party committee, county party committee office, government office, agricultural bureau, transportation bureau, water bureau, construction bureau, radio and television bureau, environmental protection bureau, animal husbandry bureau, urban management bureau and other related units related units and other related units such as urban management bureausThe person in charge and the secretary of the township party committee and the head of the township attended the practice of the 18 township governments and each township.At the meeting, the participants watched the video of the environmental improvement of the environmental improvement of the environmental improvement of the townships and villages, and voted for the rectification of the townships and towns.

In this year’s environmental sanitation rectification work, Bayan County governed all natural tuns in the county.

Concentrate their strength and organize the environmental improvement of cleaning home.Beginning on April 9, Bayan County concentrated on exposed garbage, random piles of miscellaneous objects, weeds, and firewood stacks.As of May 30, the county’s environmental sanitation rectification of a total of 9.1578 million yuan was invested, and the people participated in the population of 12,4308 people, 2,540 hook machines were launched, 2,940 shovel, 2,330 units, and 49,104 agricultural vehicles.Promote the environmental rectification of 116 villages and 1280 tuns, relocated 4297 firewood stacks, lost 2536 stacks of seasons, cleaned 1320353 extended rice, removed 621367 cubic meters of garbage, 390256 meters of roadside grooves, and 777,460 meters of sand and stone roads.There were 1107 new garbage landfills, 2,1290 meters of brush fence, 15 19,725 square meters of new outdoor activity squares, 706 new 5717 square meters of new flower beds, 70,7311 plants with green trees, 36,5700 flowers and plants.Essence106 villages that formulate village regulations.

It carried out two special operations of straw out of the spring and the prohibition of straw in the autumn, and comprehensively cleaned up the tun from the county and the county’s corn straw, etc., and regulated to the designated place.It also promotes the comprehensive improvement of environmental hygiene.

To build a farm far away from Muangtun to start the human animal separation mode.Due to historical reasons, breeding habits, and limitation of land use conditions, most small and medium -sized farms and farmers in Bayan County still maintain the habit of building livestock in the front and back of their own houses, and gradually formed the current animal husbandry.The breeding pattern of scale and large groups “is very difficult to separate human and animals.In order to develop the healthy development of animal husbandry, the county party committee and county government are striving to improve the “small -scale, large group” breeding pattern, continuously organize standardization, large -scale farms, breeding communities, and gradually promote the separation of human and animal.

Establish a long -term mechanism for environmental hygiene and maintain normalization

In the environmental sanitation work, Bayan County focuses on strengthening the management of village cadres as a means, and the “Village Regulations” as the mechanism.Behavior, improve the comprehensive quality of villagers, and achieve all villagers’ participation in environmental sanitation management.Environmental hygiene implements three packages in front of the door, namely: including hygiene, greening, and transportation of garbage.

Integrate resources and form a joint force.Hold mobilization meetings at all levels to mobilize party members and cadres to make demonstrations; hold a symposium to invite “three old” (old party members, old cadres, old elders) to provide suggestions for the construction of beautiful villages;The significance of rectification; do a good job of “three combinations”, pay attention to the combination of the construction of beautiful rural areas, pay attention to the combination of the construction of a harmonious society, and focus on the combination of the construction of a happy family to form a “everyone is a beautiful country image, everywhere is a beautiful rural environment.”A good atmosphere.

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