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Beijing intends to recommend these two districts as the National Special Education Reform Experimental Zone

CCTV News: According to the public account of the “Capital Education”, recently, the Ministry of Education was released to adapt to


  : According to the public account of the “Capital Education”, recently, the Ministry of Education was released to adapt to the new situation and requirements of the reform and development of special education, and set up a number of special education reform experimental zones across the country.

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  According to the requirements of the documents, each province can recommend cities (prefectures, states, alliances) or counties (cities, districts, flags) to declare experimental zones to explore the effective practical model of special education development and promote high -quality development of special education.

Haidian District

  The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has deployed and arranged the relevant work, and was reviewed and approved by the district independent application, expert review, and the director of the Municipal Education Commission.

  After the list of the National Special Education Reform Experimental Zone is officially confirmed, the Municipal Education Commission will guide the construction of the city’s experimental zone construction, strengthen the follow -up questioning effectiveness, regularly organize discussions and exchanges, and conscientiously summarize the condensing experience.The acceptance situation is submitted to the Ministry of Education.

Experimental task

  The National Special Education Reform Experimental Zone mainly includes & mdash; & mdash;


Expand Special Education Segment Services Service

  Explore the establishment of a special education system connected from preschool to high school above high school, which effectively increases the supply of special education degrees.

  Improve special education inclusive fiscal security mechanisms, improve the average financial appropriation system and funding subsidy policy, and explore the establishment of a free education system for all disabled students’ basic education stage.

  Strengthen the equipment of special education professional teachers, strengthen the guarantee guarantee of teachers, and improve the standard for special education teacher allowances.

  Promote the construction of special education resource centers, and improve the operation management and supervision and evaluation mechanism.


Expand special education services

  Combined with the actual development of regional education, joint universities and scientific research institutions have carried out education and teaching research and pilot work on special needs such as children with autism, multiple disabled children, and children of learning disabled.Coordinated training mechanisms.

  Focus on exploring the construction of special education schools (departments) of special education in children with autism, and establish a system of helping children with children with autism.


Strengthen the quality construction of special education

  Deepen the reform of curriculum teaching, implement national curriculum standards, standardize the use of teaching materials, explore the effective teaching model of integrating education classrooms, and improve the quality management specifications and mechanisms of on -site quality management.

  Strengthen the construction of special education curriculum teaching and research talents and teaching and research systems.

  Promote the reform of the quality evaluation of special education, study the tools for the quality evaluation of regional school running, and improve the organizational implementation and monitoring mechanism of the quality evaluation of special education.


Strengthen the construction of digital education resources

  Actively promote digitalization and intelligent transformation and development of special education, explore new technologies such as Internet, cloud computing, big data, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and promote the construction of special education smart campuses and smart classrooms.

  Develop special students’ personalized teaching and learning resources.

  Explore the special education digital education and research platform and resource construction.

  Promote the interoperability and sharing of data related data of children with disabilities, and expand the coverage of high -quality resources.

In response to the key and difficult issues determined by the “General Office of the General Office of the State Council on the” Fourteenth Five -Year “Special Education Development and Improvement Plan” of the Fourteenth Five -Year Plan “of the State Council, try to conduct special education reform experiments first, establish a sound guarantee mechanism and working mechanismProvide experience for other parts of the country

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