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Brokers and Aiji / Resurrection Festival Long vacation effect MGM watched the bullish \ Deng Shengxing

Figure: MGM China (02282).  According to data from the Macau Government Statistics and Census Bureau, in February t

  Figure: MGM China (02282).

  According to data from the Macau Government Statistics and Census Bureau, in February this year, Macau’s immigration passengers increased by 1.1 times year -on -year to 3.2936 million, and it has returned to more than 90%of the same period in 2019, an increase of 15.1%from January.In the first two months of 2024, entry passengers rose 1.1 times year -on -year to 6.155 million.In addition, the Macau Tourism Bureau announced earlier that Xi’an and Qingdao City, Hong Kong and Macao, were newly announced on March 6, which is beneficial to further expand the Macao mainland tour market and promote the recovery of the Macau tourism economy. It is expected that travel data in March may be better.Performance.During the upcoming Easter holiday, Hong Kong customers visited Macau’s data worth looking forward to, because this holiday coincides with the weekend.It is believed that the increasingly recovered Tourism industry is conducive to the recovery of the gaming industry, one of the pillar industries.

  According to the recent 2023 results announced by MGM China (02282), the operating income during the group period increased by 368.52%year -on -year to HK $ 24.684 billion.Immortal, it is planned to be specially repaid at 0.104 Hong Kong dollars per share.The recovery of the tourism industry in Macau has increased the number of customers in the property in Macau.Driven by Taiwan, the overall business income of the group is better than the market, an increase of 8.4%compared with the epidemic before the epidemic.

  In terms of business performance, the total winning volume of the Group’s main venue in 2023 increased by 378.7%year -on -year to HK $ 21.411 billion.From 48.397 billion and 46.426 billion Hong Kong dollars; the total winning volume of VIPs increased by 581.0%year -on -year to HK $ 3.955 billion, and the number of VIPs in MGM and MGM Macau Macao increased by 259.3%and 475.6%, respectively.

  It is believed that the recovery of the tourism industry in Macau is expected to further drive the repair of the gaming industry and gradually improve the performance of the gaming companies, especially the midfield gaming income may continue to recover. MGM China China ’s performance is bright in 2023, or it is expected to further grasp the industry to further grasp the industryThe opportunity for recovery is worthy of attention.

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