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"Building a new base for education to help education high -quality development" forum was held in Chongqing

& emsp; & emsp;【Tianji Network Network Channel】On April 19, the inner layer of the Zhiyue Hall on the fi

& emsp; & emsp;【Tianji Network Network Channel】On April 19, the inner layer of the Zhiyue Hall on the first floor of the Chongqing International Expo Center was full. Education leaders and educators from all over the country gathered together to participate in the forum of “Building a New Base of Education Digital Global Glores & ENSP; Helping Education High -quality Development”.The forum aims to further explore the development trend of digitalization of education, and share the experience and achievements of digital base construction to promote the innovation and development of the education industry.

& emsp; & emsp;The forum was chaired by Zhou Xue and Host, vice chairman of the Education Informatization Equipment Branch of China Education Equipment Industry Association.Cai Yun, the chairman of the Education Informatization Equipment Branch of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, and Chen Yu, director of the Chongqing Education Information Technology and Equipment Center, addressed the forum.It extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the guests and emphasized the important role of the digitalization of education in promoting the high -quality development of education.

& emsp; & emsp;Cai Yun, Chairman of the Education Informatization Equipment Branch of China Education Equipment Industry AssociationIt is said that the development of information technology is deeply changing the field of education, and the digitization of education has become a new driving force for the development of education.The construction of a new base for digital education is not only the key to improving the quality and efficiency of education, but also an important way to realize the modernization of educational modernization, promoting education fairness, education application innovation, and cultivating innovative talents.This forum focuses on the policy interpretation and practical experience, and explores the application of new technologies in the digital transformation of education to promote education application innovation.

& emsp; & emsp;Chen Yu, director of Chongqing Education Information Technology and Equipment CenterIt is pointed out that Chongqing attaches great importance to and vigorously promotes digital construction, and closely focuses on major reforms in the field of education and key tasks. With a digital cloud and a network construction in the digital, the construction of a digital transformation will be actively implemented.In the process of advancing the high -quality development of education, how to play a more fully play a leading role in digitalization of education has become a major era proposition.The holding of this forum is very targeted and practical. It will have a positive leadership and promotion effect on Chongqing to better promote the digital construction of education.

& emsp;& emsp; Educational digitalization

& emsp; & emsp; strengthen the new path of building a strong education country

& emsp; & emsp;Ren Changshan, Director of the Department of Information Technology and Network Security of the Ministry of Education, Ren ChangshanThe theme sharing entitled “Using Education Digitalization as an important breakthrough & ENSP; Supporting the Construction of Educational Power”, and in -depth analysis of the key role of education digitization in supporting the construction of education to support the construction of education.He emphasized that the digitalization of education is a key part of the construction of the education of education, and has far -reaching policies, laws, and people’s livelihood significance.Since the National Education Work Conference in 2022, the digitalization of education in my country has entered a new stage, and is in accordance with the requirements of “coordinating the promotion of the digitalization of education and the construction of a learning society, and the construction of a large country”, as well “The principle of accelerates.Looking forward to the future, the digitalization of education in my country will move from “3C” to “3i”, pay more attention to the landing application of the Hui Education Platform, promote the intelligent development of digital technology in learning, teaching and education governance, and with the “five ideas” Promote international exchanges and cooperation.

& emsp; & emsp;Tan Zhongchang, president of the Chongqing Education Equipment Association, shared the experience of Chongqing’s digital construction in Chongqing, showing the positive roleEssenceHe pointed out that the digitalization of education is an important condition and the road of high -quality development of education. The key is to promote new education infrastructure.In order to ensure the orderly advancement of the digital transformation of education, the Chongqing education system will focus on the three aspects: consolidating basic network support, deepening the construction of smart campuses, and exploring security innovation models, and continue to strengthen digital innovation and change.He specifically pointed out that & ENSP; “Ethereum”, “Cloud Desktop”, as well as technologies and solutions such as new network security integration defense, will play an important role in promoting the development of new infrastructure in education.

& emsp;& emsp; education base

& emsp; & emsp; lead the new era of innovation and development

& emsp; & emsp; true, the digitalization of education has become an important engine to promote the modernization of education and improve the quality of education.In this profound change, the “digital base” undoubtedly played a pivotal role.It is not only the cornerstone of the digital transformation of education, but also the core force leading the innovation and development of the education industry.So, how to define the “educational digital base”?What is the significance of vigorously developing a digital base?

& emsp; & emsp;Liu Yongqian, a researcher at the Central Electrical Education Museum and executive deputy director of the Academic Committee of the China Education and Technology AssociationFocusing on the “Origin and Development of Educational Digital Bases”, it made a wonderful report, which deeply interpreted the concept of educational digital base and its significance in the education industry.The report pointed out that the “Six New Concepts” are the core of the new base of education.This new base is based on technological innovation and information network, which aims to help education high -quality development and achieve digital transformation, intelligent upgrade and integration innovation.The key to advancing the construction of educational digital base is the actual application, especially in the central and western regions and rural areas.Liu Yongqian also mentioned that the practical experience of Ruijie Network in Gansu provides a feasible, easy -to -operate and economical plan for the construction of primary and secondary schools in the relative to enter the region, and it is worthy of extensive promotion.

& emsp; & emsp;Yue Wen, general manager of the marketing of Ruijie Network Education Systems, Yue WenWith the theme of “Building the New Base of Education Digitalization”, it shared the strategy and practice of how to build the new base of education digitalization.She proposed that the construction of the new base should adhere to the concept of “idleness due to dispersal, concentrated and efficient”, starting from the two levels of teaching terminals and networks to create a more flexible, intelligent, and intensive digital base.At the level of teaching terminals, improving the construction, tube, and mode of teaching terminals is the key to digital reconstruction.Through the “global cloud” construction, computing power has changed from passive “giving” to active “acquisition”, achieving a comprehensive improvement of resource utilization, management operation and maintenance, professional services and scientific decision -making capabilities, and significantly reduced energy consumption.At the same time, the GPU is standard for each VDI desktop, and the screen broadcast mode is used for unified teaching, which effectively solves the performance problems and network disconnection.At the network level, the standards are guided, planning planning, and the entire area will promote the construction of the full light network.With the advancement of Ethereum Campus network standards and standards, the new digital network base is based on simple connection, good experience, and high security as the three characteristics. It not only supports the business to be launched quickly, but also realizes the knowledge, empowerment, and the network of the Internet.Intelligent operation and maintenance makes business operations more continuous and smooth.This new base is expected to improve the efficiency of resource utilization by 3-6 times, improve the professional service level of the Education Bureau, and then promote the digital transformation and balanced development of regional education.

& emsp; & emsp;Practice sharing

& emsp; & emsp; comprehensive analysis from construction to application

& emsp; & emsp; In addition, the forum also invitedZheng Minqiang, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, Zhong Wenjun, Technical Expert of Modern Education Technology Management Center in Kaizhou District, Chongqing, Hu Jubo, an expert in the Ministry of Education, the leader of the Chongqing Education Equipment Association, and Xue Peiran, the director of Ruijie Network SolutionMany guests shared the practical experience and future outlook of digital construction from different perspectives.

& emsp; & emsp;1. Zhangjiakou education a cloud

& emsp; & emsp;Zheng Minqiang, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, took the title of “Share the Development of Education in the Education Cloud of Zhangjiakou City”, Detailed the city’s successful experience in the field of education informatization.

& emsp; & emsp; Zhangjiakou City took the lead in launching the first prefecture -level education PPP project in the country, and successfully constructed the city’s education cloud platform with a “one center+six platform” in 2019, realizing the comprehensive coverage of education cloud to the city’s 718 schools in the city’s schools.EssenceThe cloud platform has nine major content sectors, which builds a solid “cloud+end” construction system. Through deep integration and docking with multiple platforms, the unified management and sharing of educational resources is realized.

& emsp; & emsp; Driven by this innovative model, Zhangjiakou City successfully created “Zhangjiakou Education a Cloud”, so that 31 demonstration schools can normalize information technology classroom teaching, and the application coverage of information technology in teaching is as highMore than 90.At the same time, through the implementation of the terminal full cloudization strategy, each school has a unique cloud environment, which significantly improves the efficiency of campus office and teaching. The centralized operation and maintenance model has increased efficiency by 30%.In addition, Zhangjiakou City also effectively protects the early asset investment through a smooth upgrade strategy and achieved green energy -saving goals.

& emsp; & emsp; look forward to the future, the Zhangjiakou Education Bureau will focus on the construction of four digital application scenarios, including “Entry into the Park”, “Digital Training”, “Digital Studio” and “Digital Practice Activities”Expand the application of education informatization and inject new vitality into the innovation and development of the education industry.

& emsp; & emsp;2. Construction

& emsp; & emsp;Technical experts at the Modern Education Technology Management Center of Chongqing Kaizhou District, Zhong Wenjun, introduced the sharing of “Building a Cyber Security Protection System and Education for Education”With the comprehensive completion of the Education City Regional Network, the field of education in the area is facing a series of new challenges such as malicious pop -ups, real -name verification problems, inconvenience of dumb -end access to network management and control, and complicated authority management.In order to cope with these challenges and ensure the safety, health and convenience of the education network environment, Kaizhou District actively seek innovative solutions and is committed to building a more advanced network security protection system.To this end, the Kaizhou District adopted a multi -system linkage strategy to strengthen network security management as its core and build the first solid line of defense of the network.

& emsp; & emsp; Since the launch of the system, Kaizhou District has accumulated a cumulative malicious pop -up window in 201728, effectively controlled 1235 large -screen equipment, and managed a dumb terminal of 15,414 units.In addition, the district has also realized the compulsory certification and traceability of the incident on Internet behavior, effectively curbing the flood of pop -up advertisements, and through the joint verification with the nail platform, further enhance the convenience and network security protection of network operation and maintenance management and network security protection.Effectiveness.

The implementation of this series of measures has created a more secure, healthy and convenient education network environment for teachers and students, and provided a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of education.

& emsp; & emsp;3. Chongqing Education Digital Network Base Construction

& emsp; & emsp;Hu Jubo, an expert in the Ministry of Education and the leader of the expert group of the Chongqing Education Equipment Association, took the title of “Vertical Fiber -to -Class, Horizontal 5G to the Edge”, and deeply analyzed the cutting -edge practice of Chongqing’s digital network base construction in Chongqing.

& emsp; & emsp; At the construction level of the city’s education urban area network, the construction of the second phase of the Education Special Network launched by Chongqing in 2023, innovatively adopts SDN+SRV6+5G fusion technology, which not only greatly improves the overall overall city education city network network.Performance has achieved a bridge between the integration and unified carrier of multi -business one network. It also sets up a bridge between the user identity of the education professional network and the operator’s 5G status, and opened a new era of education network integration.

& emsp; & emsp; In the planning planning planning of the district and county education city network, Chongqing relied on advanced technology base to weave a business arrangement of large networks, and successfully constructed 5G+infinity education network through two networks and four integration strategies.Hu Jubo emphasized that the deep fusion of 5G slices and light network slices laid a solid foundation for building a network resource center.Ruijie’s 5G+Education Special Network Integration Plan cleverly integrates 5G network slices with the business of education special network business, realizing the coordinated co -construction of 5G network and education special network, creating a set of business side to be available.The flexible arrangement of network resource centers realized the intelligent distribution of network resources.Taking the Shapingba District Education City Regional Network Construction Project as an example, Ruijie’s 5G+Global Education Specialty Solution has successfully created a network resource center through integration of 5G, full light, IPv6, SDN and other technologiesEssenceBy constructing a unified status and security operation and maintenance management centers, the needs of the education industry in many aspects such as connection, computing and security.

& emsp; & emsp; In the field of full -light campus construction, the practice of Chongqing once again proves the advantages of Etherless full -light network on the construction of the park network.Hu Jubo pointed out that the colorful network system is becoming the new favorite of the park network with the characteristics of less failure, high stability, high bandwidth, strong compatibility, and flexible expansion.Taking Chongqing Guangyang Bay Coral Middle School full -light network project as an example, the school adopted the Ruijie Shimotima solution, which successfully realized the construction of campus network network with wired wireless integration and network security integration.The benchmark.

& emsp;& emsp; 4. Construct a new base for digitalization of full -light network

& emsp; & emsp;Xue Peiran, the director of the Pu Education Industry of Ruijie Network Education System, took the title of “Building a New Digitalization of a Full -Light Network”, and in -depth discussing how to build a new base for digitalization of the full light network to deal with the education industry in virtualization, simulation experiments, mixed experiments, mixedNetwork challenges in new models such as style teaching.

& emsp; & emsp; he said that the new base should have three characteristics: simple connection, excellent experience and high security.Ruijie’s network is close to user needs, and is closely combined with actual education and teaching scenarios to continue to achieve continuous innovation in these three dimensions.Through innovative full -light campus network technology, Ruijie Network successfully achieved a network coverage, improved network performance and simplified operation and maintenance.At the same time, the use of AI technology optimizes customer experience, reduce wireless network jitter, and improve network quality.In terms of the construction of the Education Special Network, Ruijie uses SRV6 section technology to create a network of high -speed, controllable, controllable, and strong security protection capabilities to meet the education needs under policy -driven.In addition, Ruijie launched the Lexing and Moly Data Platform and Yunfu Driving Mode to achieve the intelligence and convenience of network operation and maintenance.In terms of security, Ruijie launched a number of innovative products to ensure the security and stability of educational users.Through these innovative measures, Ruijie Network provides solid technical support for the education industry and promotes the in -depth development of digital education.

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