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Cooperative innovation commercial health insurance and pharmaceutical industry

A few days ago, the China Insurance and Pension Research Center of the Wudaokou Financial College of Tsinghua University released the “Research R

  A few days ago, the China Insurance and Pension Research Center of the Wudaokou Financial College of Tsinghua University released the “Research Report on Commercial Health Insurance and Pharmaceutical Coordination Innovation Model”.The report believes that the coordinated development of commercial health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry can not only promote commercial health insurance to expand customer base, realize innovative development, and improve innovative drugs.According to statistics from research institutions, the scale of commercial health insurance premiums increased from 112.3 billion yuan to 865.3 billion yuan from 2013 to 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 25%.However, in the past two years, the growth rate of commercial health insurance has slowed significantly.

  At present, the cooperation between commercial health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry is mainly concentrated in three areas: chronic non -infectious diseases, tumors, and rare diseases.From the perspective of government and market relations, the cooperation model is mainly divided into two types: First, the integration of social security and commercial insurance, the most representative is the urban customized commercial medical insurance (Huimin Insurance).The second is commercial insurance cooperation, including special drugs and special disease insurance, drug welfare management, and management medical care.

  Traditional commercial health insurance mainly undertakes the individual’s self -payment part after the reimbursement of basic medical insurance, and mainly underwrite healthy people.Special Disease Special Drug Insurance provides guarantee for specific diseases and specific drugs, covering special drug responsibilities other than basic medical insurance, and underwriting people with patients.Special Disease Special Pharmaceutical Insurance has opened the cooperation between the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry, and different exploration models have appeared in practice.

  With the acceleration of the aging population, some research institutions estimated that the number of patients in my country was close to 400 million, and the development of patients with patients became an industry consensus.In the practice of insurance products with patients, the participants in the field of medicine, medicine, insurance, and patient management have begun to gradually explore interoperability and cooperation, and jointly launch a comprehensive risk guarantee product including medical responsibility, drug responsibility and health management, and use their respective to play their own respective.Professional advantages, jointly meet the diverse needs of the patients.With the continuous development of insurance products with patients, synergy with pharmaceuticals has become an important innovation direction for commercial health insurance.

  Chen Jinfu, former deputy director of the National Medical Security Bureau, believes that the development and equilibrium of medical insurance need to solve the shortcomings of the internal system and the role of external functions.Health protection rises from a single system to rising to the construction of a multi -level system and functional connection. It is an inevitable choice to achieve system balance and set efficiency.The active development of commercial health insurance should be used as a strategic fulcrum for the construction of a multi -level health security system to explore the functional design, business model and policy support of high energy and efficient and high -quality development.Commercial health insurance shall help with social security and fly together with medicine.

  Former Vice Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Wei Yingning believes that the country attaches great importance to and encourages the development of commercial health insurance.In recent years, the growth of health insurance has slowed. Only continuous innovation in products, services, business models and other aspects can break through the bottleneck.Based on the development stage of my country’s health insurance, it is necessary to further subdivide the demand for commercial health insurance, develop insurance products in a targeted manner, and achieve insurance inclusive.

  The reporter learned in the interview that my country’s insurance industry has explored more in the field of management medical care.For example, Ping An of China passes the online doctor team and uses a member of the online family doctors as the entrance, covering 5 medical and health service scenarios such as health, sub -health, and diseases.Offline the service level of comprehensive hospitals, medical examination centers, imaging centers and other business segments, try to create a self -operated medical network.Taikang Insurance is integrated with insurance payment and medical care services. Through self -built medical ecosystems, Taikang’s “Health Insurance” medical network and ecological chain equity investment, customers get better medical resources.Taibao Life Insurance tries to manage medical care in the field of critical illness, and innovates in the combination of dangerous drugs through the “Critical Disease Insurance+Critical Critical Project Services”.

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