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Create a consumer protection education base, China Life Insurance Company Customer Experience Center Consumer Propaganda Propaganda Propaganda in Action

In order to enhance consumer financial literacy and financial security awareness, and enhance the aware

  In order to enhance consumer financial literacy and financial security awareness, and enhance the awareness and ability to protect rights in accordance with the law, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life and Life Insurance Company”) actively implements the call of the State Administration of Finance and Administration, organized and organized 2024 “3. 3.15 “Education and publicity activities for the protection of financial consumer rights and interests.As of March 17, there were 774 series of activities in more than 2,500 counters nationwide, a series of “Learning Eight Rights and Interests, and doing consumer protection experts”, and 90,400 customers participated in the event. 

  Create an atmosphere and give full play to the role of the Consumer Protection and Education Base 

  Each cabinet of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. gives full play to the front -line contact role of the public protection education and publicity base, set up a consumer protection education propaganda area, configure adequate educational publicity materials, and use the method of broadcasting education publicity videos, explaining financial knowledge, and distribution of publicity materials.Cabainers to publicize the knowledge of financial insurance and carry out risk prompts.


  The company’s senior management staff at all levels of the company actively responded to the call, signed a proposal of publicity and publicity activities for the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers, and displayed it under the cabinet to solemnly promise the majority of financial consumers to bear the mission, compliance operations, and services for the people for the people.The determination to call on the majority of financial consumers to improve their literacy, consume rationally, protect their rights and prevent risks. 



  Invite to check in, answer questions and popularize financial insurance knowledge 

  During the event, the Chinese Life Life Insurance Company was adapted to local conditions, set up a “Consumer Protection Knowledge Answer” punch -in activity, and at the consumer rights protection education and publicity base of consumers of consumers on each cabinet.Financial insurance knowledge answers “activity posters, actively invite customers to scan the codes to participate in online answering activities.



  Innovate exploration, rich and diverse theme activities 

  The major counters of China Life Insurance Company actively explored, innovated and carried out colorful consumer -themed activities, and incorporated “financial knowledge micro -class”, “anti -fraud video viewing” and “financial service policy lectures” in various customer experience activities.The eight major rights and interests of financial consumers are popularized and promoted, and the management measures for consumer rights protection of bank insurance institutions, the management measures for insurance sales behavior, and financial service policies such as financial consumer’s rights and interests such as inclusive finance, and pension finance can help consumers correctly correctUnderstand financial products and services, and fully understand your legitimate rights and interests. 

  Life in a beautiful life and carry out the special activities of female consumers.China Life Life Insurance Company held the “Flower Goddess, Anhui Beauty Time” 3.15 publicity theme event in Huainan, Anhui, leading customers to understand the intelligent service of the counter, telling the real anti -fraud cases around them, and let customers understand the eight major rights and interests of consumers.Knowledge. 


  A “one -thought -minded flower, no worry -free” financial consumption protection education publicity and flowering activities were held in the company’s Quanzhou counter.Strengthen consumers’ self -protection ability.


  On the company in Liuzhou, Guangxi, the service experience activity of “Show the Goddess Fan and Blooming” is held.Customers experience the charm of flower arrangement art, carry out consumer protection knowledge in the financial knowledge mission zone, and effectively enhance consumers’ risk awareness. 


  Consultation micro -class, popularize knowledge to increase anti -fraud awareness.China Life Insurance Company carried out the “financial knowledge micro -class” in Jiangsu Jiangdu Jiangsu Counter, telling customers that the common methods of agent surrender criminals, how to identify the “agent surrender” scam, etc., to help consumers understand how to protect their legitimate rights and interestsEssence 


  The company’s Beijing Hou Guangping Course held a “smart building defense line to build a financial security network” to prevent financial fraud volunteers.Fifteen “Volunteer Beijing” invited a small volunteer in the school to visit the customer experience center to deepen the awareness of anti -fraud and become the propaganda of anti -fraud propaganda. 

  The company’s Qinhuangdao Customer Service Center organized a “guardian new citizen” consumer protection publicity activity, inviting a total of more than thirty people to participate in sanitation workers and courier brothers.The event pushed the event to a climax through the Beijing Yun Drum, and the dragon dance division divided into a climax.


  Education and music, interactive game learning consumer protection knowledge 

  Qingdao Hong Kong Middle Road Counter carrying out the “how much rights and interests know how much rights and interests are known” and the consumer protection interaction activities of throwing sandbags, which attracts customers and nearby residents to actively participate, discuss warmly, entertain, and give full play to the functions of the counterpart of the counter financial consumer. 


  Shanxi Shuozhou counter “Dream Back to Han Tang Xue Cristario” theme special activity. Through the on -site process of punching cards, teller machine experience, etiquette learning, ancient poetry answering and other links, explained financial knowledge to customers, reminding customers of rational consumption and preventing financial risks.  

  Sichuan Chengdu Jinjiang Counter carry out the “Smart Consumer Protection Challenge” activity, carry out “keeping financial knowledge” and “escape the financial trap” customs clearance game, allowing consumers to immerse the experience learning to get consumer protection knowledge, improve consumer consumer protection protectionConsciousness and risk prevention and control ability.


  Expert consultation, care for health learning knowledge 

  Zhejiang Hangzhou counter invitation to Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s PhD and Associate Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to lead the team on the spot to diagnose the pulse, shoulder and neck massage for customers, popularize the concept of healthy life, carry out publicity of consumer protection knowledge, and achieve a double harvest. 

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