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Detailed explanation of sports classification, let you quickly understand all sport

When talking about sports, we stepped into a colorful and vast field.Exercise is not just a simple physical exerc

When talking about sports, we stepped into a colorful and vast field.Exercise is not just a simple physical exercise, it is also a culture and a lifestyle.Whether it is a team collaborative ball movement, personal skills, or outdoor activities that make people feel the beauty of nature, each item has its own unique features.Next, let’s understand the classification and characteristics of various sports.

1. Team movement

The team movement focuses on collaboration and tacit understanding, which is an excellent way to promote interpersonal relationships and team spirit.

  • football: This sport has a long history and is widely popular worldwide.The 22 players on the field competed for victory by passing, shooting and defense, focusing on teamwork and tactics.

  • basketball: The fast -paced competition requires the tacit understanding and superb skills of players, while paying attention to tactical and teamwork.

  • football: High -strength and physical confrontation, and players need to be arranged in tactics, while paying attention to the cooperation and trust between players.

2. Personal movement

Personal exercise emphasizes individual skills and performance, which is an excellent choice for exercising physical fitness and personal skills.

  • track and field: Including sprinting, long -distance running, long jump and high jump projects, it is a comprehensive test of speed, strength and endurance.

  • swim: Various swimming postures in water have a good exercise effect on cardiopulmonary function, and it is also an excellent systemic exercise.

  • tennis: Use the racket to hit the venue, strong skills, require flexibility and tactical consciousness.

3. Extreme exercise

Extreme sports pursuing challenges to the limit, testing personal courage and skills.

  • Skateboarding: Including skateboarding, roller skating, skiing, etc., it requires superb skills and the spirit of not afraid of challenges.

  • rock climbing: Climb the rock wall or artificial rock climbing wall to challenge the limits of physical fitness and technology.

  • parachute: Jumping down and landing from high altitude requires courage and professional skills.

4. Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports make people contact nature intimately and enjoy outdoor space and natural scenery.

  • Climbing: Climb the mountain peaks, face various terrain and weather challenges.

  • Ride: Riding the bicycle outdoors, there are different types such as mountains, highways and other types.

  • camping: Create a tent or temporary residence in the outdoor environment to feel the charm of nature.

5. Art Movement

The artistic movement perfectly combines technology with performance, showing beautiful movements and rhythms.

  • dance: Express emotions through physical movements and rhythms, divided into various styles and genres.

  • gymnastics: Show flexibility, strength and skills, including equipment and ground performances.

  • figure skating: Combine with music for taxi and action performances, the perfect fusion of technology and art.

6. Water sports

Water exercise allows people to enjoy sports fun in the water.

  • Kayak: Use paddle to move the boat on the water, there are two types: calm waters and rapids.

  • sailboat: Use wind power to drive the ship to play or live on the water surface or leisure.

  • Water slide: Standing on the skateboarding on the water surface, it is both irritating and skillful.

7. Interior sports

Indoor exercise is suitable for various weather conditions, and is not restricted by environmental restrictions.

  • badminton: Use badminton rackets to hit the field, high requirements for skills and endurance.

  • pingpong: Use a racket to play table tennis on the table tennis table, which requires superb reactions and skills.

  • squash: The ball movement performed in the wall focuses on flexibility and tactics.

8. Special exercise

Special exercise is more of a unique exercise conducted in special situations or conditions.

  • Equestrian: Cooperation and performance with horses require superb control skills and communication skills.

  • Curling: Promote the curling on the ice to fight, and the team cooperation and tactical are very strong.

  • Bird observation: Observe and record various birds, combined with outdoor and scientific exercise methods.

9. E -sports

As an emerging form of sports, e -sports played for competitions through video games, with a wide range of audiences and rapid development trends.

  • E -sports (e -sports): Athletic activities carried out with video games as the platform involve a variety of game types and e -sports events.MOBA (multi -person online tactical competition), FPS (first -person shooting), e -sports sports games, etc. are their main categories.E -sports focuses on teamwork, personal technology and strategic planning, attracting a large number of young players and audiences, forming a huge e -sports industry chain.

10. Disability movement

The disability movement provides opportunities for participating movements for people with disability or special needs.

  • Wheelchair: People with disabilities use wheelchairs to play basketball games to emphasize skills and teamwork.

  • Blind football: Football performed by those with damaged vision, participate in the competition through sound and direction.

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