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Duncan’s retirement ceremony marks the end of his brilliant career and the beginning of his new life


On December 19, 2016, a cold winter day, the Spurs’ home court was decorated for a solemn and grand ceremony. It was Duncan’s retirement ceremony, marking the end of his glorious career.

At this moment, Duncan was wearing a black suit, standing in the center of the court, looking at Coach Gregg Popovich with emotion and saying, “Coach Pop, thank you, you are not just a coach, to me, you are like a father, thank you.” Popovich was moved by his words, looking at Duncan in front of him, tears in his eyes and answering, “You are a different person now than when you first came to the Spurs, I am happy to witness your growth.”

Duncan’s basketball career left a deep impression in the hearts of many fans, his dull expression and talented performance made people unforgettable. However, a successful basketball career could not guide real life, and sometimes it became a burden for love. This was also true for a player like Duncan who had countless honors.

Duncan’s retirement ceremony marks the end of his brilliant career and the beginning of his new life

Duncan was born in a swimming family in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and he showed extraordinary swimming talent as a child. However, a hurricane destroyed his dream pool, forcing him to turn to basketball. Although he always thought that basketball was just a transitional thing, his brother-in-law Ricky Lowry saw his potential and encouraged him to pursue his basketball dream. So Duncan started his basketball journey and became an excellent player.

In college, Duncan showed his extraordinary talent and attracted the attention of many scouts. In 1997, he became the NBA draft pick and entered the professional league. He performed remarkably, won the MVP of the finals and helped the team win the championship.

However, the success of his basketball career did not bring happiness to his personal life. His first marriage ended in failure, his wife betrayed him and used his property to support her lover.

Duncan went through a painful marriage, but he did not give up on love. On a trip, he met Vanessa, a lively and passionate woman. They were attracted to each other and slowly built a deep relationship. Although Duncan had been hurt before, he learned how to treat this relationship and cherish it. He and Vanessa got married and had three children.

After retiring, Duncan did not stop pursuing new challenges. He was keen on outdoor adventures and looked for fun and excitement in life. He also joined a reality show and showed his personality and interests.

Today, Duncan has gone through 47 years of spring and autumn, but his spirit is still young and he still maintains his love for basketball. Recently, the Spurs signed a young talented player Ben Yama, Duncan welcomed him with Ginobili and shared his experience and wisdom with him, hoping to restore the glory of the Spurs.

In summary, Duncan is a soft-hearted and talented basketball player. He experienced the glory of his basketball career and the ups and downs of his personal life, but he never gave up on pursuing love and challenges. After retiring, Duncan showed a new side of himself. He actively participated in various activities and played the role of husband and father in his family. His story tells us that even in the face of difficulties and pain, we should bravely move forward and live out our true selves.

Duncan is a legend. He is not only an outstanding player but also a humble and resilient person. He endured setbacks and difficulties, pursued his dreams and became a great basketball player. After retiring, Duncan continued to teach young generations his experience and became their mentor and role model.

His story inspires people to move forward bravely and persevere when facing life’s challenges. Duncan teaches us that while pursuing success we should remain humble and care for others as these qualities are what true winners have.

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