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Earth -hour environmental protection is unlimited to enjoy the "Su Yan" beauty after the city "turn off the lights" together

Photos: Comparison photos before and after the bell tower is turned off.(Reporter Hao Zhongyu)”3, 2, 1 …” At 20:30 on



Photos: Comparison photos before and after the bell tower is turned off.(Reporter Hao Zhongyu)

“3, 2, 1 …” At 20:30 on March 23, with the countdown of the citizens at the scene, the bell tower entered the “one hour of the earth” in Xi’an and more than 6,000 cities in Xi’an and the world.Government, enterprises, and citizens have responded with action. For more Xi’an people, environmental protection is not limited to one hour.

The iconic buildings such as the bell tower have faded down the Huayi

Although it is when it is warm, citizens near the bell tower are endless.At 20:30 on the day, the iconic buildings of Xi’an were “plain”. The buildings such as the bell tower, the drum tower, and the Changanta were all “turn off”.It turned out that this was the activity of “one hour of the earth” in Xi’an.

Seeing that the Zhonglou faded down Huayi, it instantly “dim”, and more than 6,000 cities in Xi’an and the world entered the “one hour of the earth”.Citizens and tourists raised their mobile phones to shoot this rare scene.

“Now advocating ‘Earth Hour”, we must also advocate environmental protection, travel more or travel by bus to reduce carbon emissions. “Ms. Xu told reporters that she will participate in this activity every year and turn off at home for an hour.The family put down the mobile phone and tablet, and went downstairs to chat and exercise.

Ms. Ge, a tourist from Zhengzhou, said that she and her children happened to meet the “Earth Hour” event to make this tour very meaningful.

“After seeing a different clock tower, I believe that the seeds of environmentally friendly seeds have been planted for children. We should usually save electricity and water conservation. Starting from small things, we have made her own contribution to protecting the environment.” Ms. Ge said.

Multi -party joins hands with “presenting an hour for the earth”

At the same time, the government and enterprises have also responded to the “Earth Hour” activity with ingenious activities.

The Xi’an Economic Development Zone actively responded to the call. The China -Hong Kong Building, the Fubei Gaoyin District, the Haibo Plaza, the surrounding area of the city government closed the building to light up, showing the most beautiful “plain face”.

At the Xi’an SKP shopping mall, a sharing session is ongoing. Scientists from Peking University, representatives of the National Nature Reserve of Foping in Shaanxi, and public representatives sharing how to help the protection of the Qinling wild panda through its own power.This sharing meeting has enhanced the public’s awareness of wildlife protection, allowing the general public and tourists to understand and support the protection of biodiversity while understanding the ancient capital of Xi’an, and condense more forces to “give an hour for the earth.”

Make our homeland better with practical actions

Since 2010, Xi’an has promised to join the “Earth Hour” event, and each year has organized corresponding initiatives and propaganda, which has received positive response and support from all walks of life and citizens from all walks of life.

Through a variety of activities, the Xi’an “Earth Hour” activity has changed from the initial government organization to environmental volunteer organizations to the people’s spontaneous participation.More and more citizens are aware that environmental protection is not a matter of government departments, and all citizens need to participate together. At the same time, more and more citizens actively practice green life and green consumption methods to gather great energy with small actions.Xi’an retains more blue sky.

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