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Fashion Weekly | Louis Vuitton presents 2024 Mother’s Day Zhenli Omega House unveiled to welcome the Olympic Games

Cover news reporter Zhang Fuchao01Louis Vuitton presented 2024 Mother’s Day CeremonyRecently, Louis Vuitton sele

Cover news reporter Zhang Fuchao
Louis Vuitton presented 2024 Mother’s Day Ceremony
Recently, Louis Vuitton selected Mother’s Day’s love ceremony from the classic fashion handbags, bright and exquisite jewelry to fragrant perfumes, and played the motherly love movement.Among them, Louis Vuitton Low Key series handbags show the eye -catching smooth silhouette and sophisticated design.Louis Vuitton Low Key HOBO handbags have a rich capacity and soft configuration. It is available for black, cognac brown and limesty, and upgrades the extraordinary feel to upgrade with smooth cowhide leather.Louis Vuitton Low Key Shoulder’s handbag texture is soft but not lost. The rounded strap of the shape is suitable for it, suitable for hand or shoulder back.Classic handbags such as OntHego, Speedy, and Carryall use Monogram Empreinte leather, which uses grain texture to hold Monogram pressure patterns, injecting an elegant flavor into the overall configuration.
In addition, Louis Vuitton shoes and accessories have also launched the gift of mother’s day’s love. Louis Vuitton Flight Mode series revolves around the vibrant éLysée Palace pattern, and is decorated with Louis Vuitton’s iconic retro style travel sticker, light up to light upThe new Travel Trunk Slit Silk Scarf and Benefits Band.It is worth mentioning that the Louis Vuitton Color Blossom Jewelry Series was born in 2015. With a chic design, it became Louis Vuitton’s iconic jewelry series.Its fresh semi -transparent texture brings a hint of elegant charm for the bright colors of this series of jewelry styles, and provides unlimited creativity for wearable shapes.
Omega House unveiled welcoming the 2024 Paris Olympics
Recently, Omega’s unveiling brand in Paris is the Omega House, which is specially created by the Paris Olympics, and is open to invited guests, noble guests and athletes.Omega House will host a series of colorful celebrations during the Olympics, which will be officially opened to the public from July 28th to August 10th.
The Omega House in Paris is located at the Puripley Hotel. It has a multi -layer structure under the reflection of bright and natural light. The indoor design is more retro and gorgeous, exquisite, and the outdoor courtyard garden is lush and beautiful.Omega House not only shows the glorious history of the brand in the field of Olympic events, but also exciting the vitality and passion brought by the Olympic Games.The Omega House originated in the 2012 London Olympics, and then the brand was reappeared again during the 2016 Rio Olympics.In 2024, Omega continued the tradition of Omega in Paris, and it will become the local “must -visit place” in Paris.
Tag Heuer Tag Haoya launched the F1 series KITH joint model
Since the first release in 1986, the first watch of the Tag Heuer Tiger’s Formula 1 series (Formula 1) has become the pioneer of the front road.Today, this Swiss watchmaker and Kith, a unique lifestyle brand, cooperate hand in hand to reproduce this watch with a new upgrade material.In recent years, this watch has become one of the hottest antique watches in the world. The sought -after people have flooded to second -hand websites. They want to find this one even after nearly 40 years.Watch.
The new Times series is inspired by some outstanding models of Taggaya’s past, and uses the 10 bold colors that are deeply loved by the Taggaya F1 series.The watch series released this time contains a total of 10 new watches, equipped with a stainless steel surface or rubber strap.Seven of them are the exclusive styles of Kith, each of which pays tribute to one store on its global network.These watches are full of vibrant colors: sports car red, black and yellow color, pay tribute to the 1980s with the Japanese F1 racer film Ukyo Katayama (Ukyo Katayama) to launch the green-yellow-red color color, cream and cream and cream, as well asMattic black.These styles are limited to 250 pieces each.KITH’s exclusive model also includes two watches equipped with stainless steel bracelets, one equipped with a blue bezel and the other is a full green color.The two watches are limited to 350 pieces each.
DESCENTE Diste released the theme short film “Breaking the Wind” series
Recently, Descente Diste and brand spokesperson Wu Yanzu and the brand iron three ambassador Li Pengcheng (Bath) showed a series of theme short films of “Breaking the Wind” series.In the short films, Wu Yanzu and Li Peng are incarnate to be the wind. They are dressed in the new Diste’s Awaken Breaking Style series running and riding professional equipment. They interpret the spirit of “broken wind” in sports and life, and pursue the ultimate.
In the three movements of the Iron Man, the wind and waves, wind resistance, and wind direction that came on was the resistance that Iron people had to face, and they had to break through.Only by walking with the wind and galloping the wind can we reach the end of victory.Outside the sports field, various unknowns such as physical fitness and intangible doubts may become the “wind resistance” of life at any time.Going forward, that is, in the face of ubiquitous challenges, only by turning resistance into the power, maintaining the spirit of “breaking the wind”, and having the ultimate pursuit of constant breakthroughs can we explore life more possibilities.
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