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FILA icona Sanlitun’s new opening to create Italian sports aesthetic retail space

Recently, FILA has frequently demonstrated new brand actions in the core first -tier cities. It has opened a brand new Italian sports

Recently, FILA has frequently demonstrated new brand actions in the core first -tier cities. It has opened a brand new Italian sports aesthetic image shop in Sanlitun and Nanjing Deji Plaza in Beijing.Among them, the brand’s first FILA icona in the world landed in Sanlitun, Beijing, and the sixth -generation image store opened in Nanjing was opened in Nanjing Deki Plaza.Both FILA*stores are built around the theme of Make Performance BeautFul, following the Italian aesthetic gene and inspiration, and once again deepen the positioning of the brand Italian high -end sports fashion.

FILA icona Sanlitun flagship store

New consumption scenarios of integrated Italian historical culture and fashion movement reconstruction

Based on the theme concept of Make Performance Beautiful, as a retail space for FILA Italian Sports Aesthetics, FILA icona Sanlitun flagship store deep integration brand’s centennial cultural history and fashion sports aesthetic brand gene, with*store image and full -view spatial layoutCreate a new retail benchmark.Stores are inspired by the Italian style architecture, and the beautiful high -altitude dome design reproduces the aesthetic model of the Roman Temple of nearly two thousand years.The exquisite arch shape shows a magnificent and smooth design curve, revealing the medieval visual thickness.The outer surface adopts concave grid combined with modern light strips, and the scattered brick structure and natural mechanism are polished to create a mood of historical culture and modern space.The brand historical exhibition area of the store is integrated in it, showing the interactive journey of cultural art*and high -end fashion movements, describing the century -old elegant cultural heritage.The internal minimalist space contains a strong classical interest, creating a high -quality service atmosphere, allowing consumers to imitate it in a intentional garden.

FILA icona Sanlitun flagship store

In addition, the store includes professional sports products such as fitness, golf, tennis and outdoor series to build core category competitiveness.Compared with other store types, the ICONA store -type products will also be available on multiple joint series and global limited*series, such as FILA Global products, FILA+product lines, limited sports events, overseas spokespersons, etc.*Product experience meets the profound connotation of elite consumers and continuously extend the elite movement.Fashionable three -storey shops provide consumers with diversified and personalized product choices with rich segment categories.

In addition, FILA ICONA’s facade will also be continuously renewed in classic art. The FILA GOLF X Versailles Palace Palace is about to be replaced.EssenceIn the future, FILA icona will jointly co -name more classics and modern innovation arts, etc., through different presentation of factor packaging, lead the elegant and stylish sports style.

FILA icona Sanlitun flagship store

Similarly, FILA’s sixth -generation image store located in Nanjing Deki Plaza is inspired by the Italian estate as inspiration, allowing modern sports to be in the classical art hall, conveying the concept of Make Performance Beautiful.The furnishings in the store add a unique Italian architectural element, using the famous art sculpture of the Louvre to create a sports portrait, to pay tribute to sports art aesthetics with deep historical base rhyme.

Continuing the consistent and elegant heritage, the two stores profoundly reflect the brand concept of Make Performance Beautiful, and build a dialogue between time and space for FILA and European history, culture and art to achieve deep blending of retro classics and fashion sports aesthetics.The landing of FILA’s new image store is a vivid practice of brand layout*business district and creating a high -quality terminal retail experience. Relying on differentiated store types and products, it has established new retail and scenario consumer bonds for the consumer group of core cities in the business district., Further explain the profound connotation of brand high -end sports fashion.

FILA’s sixth -generation image store located in Deki Plaza, Nanjing

Deep layout brand strategic puzzle “three top -level”HelpHigh -quality growth

FILA opened*stores to quickly occupy two core cities with high -end consumer groups, showing the strategic layout of the brand’s strength*channel.The “Fashion Holy Land” Sanlitun Taikoo Li, which is located in Beijing, and Nanjing Deji Plaza, which is located in Xinjiekou, the first business district of China.The settlement is the confidence performance of FILA precise bets.In the development of the*channel, FILA sets up the target of the*field, comprehensively covers the flagship store of one city, one city and one -standard flagship store in the core city, and create more FILA ICONA store types, enhance the proportion of benchmarking stores, and meet the terminals of more customer base*retail.Experience, to grasp the market growth trend of fashion campaigns with stable operations.

For many years in the Chinese market, FILA’s current eye -catching results are inseparable from its accurate strategic layout. The core strategy of creating a “*brand+*product+channel” has laid a solid foundation for consolidating the market position, and a complete combination of combination fists hasTo achieve high -quality growth goals.

“Three*” planned a healthy development route for brand, goods, and channels for FILA.Relying on the stable support of the “Three*” strategies, FILA growth ran to win international main friends with the same scale head, and the growth rate of the three platforms on the large line exceeded expectations.The forward -looking, replacing the number of expansion of the quantity expansion*channels with quality expansion, and the use of digitalization to improve efficiency. The fruitful results show the high -quality growth path of FILA to the industry.

Earlier, the FILA Louvre theme pop -up shop located in Nanjing earlier

Strengthen brand fashion sports mentality broaden the high -end market circuit space

Behind the realization of high -quality growth is inseparable from FILA’s accurate settlement.FILA adheres to the positioning of high -end, sports, and fashion, and strengthen the connotation of high -end sports fashion to enhance the brand’s fashion mind.With the continuous expansion of middle -class and wealthy groups, the mid -to -high -end market is estimated to grow double -digit growth, the fashion needs of first -tier and second -tier cities are deepened, and the cross -style matching is highly sought after.Accurate grasp.To this end, FILA has continuously strengthened the three elite campaigns of golf, tennis, and running, continued to deepen the middle -class elite people, strengthened the brand’s high -end sports mind, and expanded the mid -to -high -end market track space.

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