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Guangxi launched 10 boutique travel routes invite you to play "Guangxi March 3"

Original title: Guangxi launched 10 boutique tourism routes invite you to play “Guangxi March 3″Bayichun is just ri

Original title: Guangxi launched 10 boutique tourism routes invite you to play “Guangxi March 3”

Bayichun is just right, and the annual “Guangxi March 3” is coming.On March 22, the Culture and Tourism Department of the Autonomous Region launched 10 “Guangxi March 3” tourism boutique lines in combination with the characteristics of the daily tourism resources of the season, inviting tourists from all over the world to the Bazui landscape and celebration of the national festivals in Guangxi.

The 10 tourist boutique lines of “March 3” released this time brought together the beautiful scenery, food, and beautiful plans of 14 districts and cities in Guangxi, covering the themes such as mountains and rivers, spring and flowers, and national style, including Shangchun Mountain · Vitality.Hiking Journey, Xunye · Trip of Flowers, Tanchun · Bayi Variety Journey, Tour of Chunyun · Poetry Village, Panchun River · Style West River Tour, Fun Chunyou · Parent -child self -driving trip, Spring Tide Spring Tide· Romantic Binhai Journey, Chunsheng · Shi Life Township Tour, Singing Spring Light · Festive Journey Journey, Pinchun taste · Food Fragrance Tour.

Among them, Shangchun Mountain · Vitality Hiking Journey starts from Spring Day Walking in Guilin Duxiu Peak · Wangcheng Scenic Area., To enjoy the essence of the Lijiang River, follow the melody of “Shangchun Mountain” to explore the Guangxi landscape painting rolls; the journey of seeking spring and flowers in Liuzhou meets the bauhinia of the city, and go to the sea of rapeseed flowers in the Baiping terraces in Baping Village, South Dan, Hechi.Walking into the “Township of Yau Tong”, Hechi Tiandao Township, Watching Manshan Oil Tonghua Welcome to the wind and swaying; Tanchun · Bayi Variety Journey is located in Hezhou, Guilin, Liuzhou, and selected the most popular and super outree.For the classic travel attractions of the film, tourists can put on cheongsam, Hanfu, national costumes, comb the concubine headgear, and set their brilliant smiles in Guangxi’s colorful spring;The guests, brought together the small rural towns such as Dalong Lake, Xiake Taoyuan, Mo Tu Si, and other village towns such as the Agency of Mo Tu Si.

In order to make it easier for tourists to play this year “Guangxi March 3”, our district launched the boutique line of singing Chunguang · Festival Huan Song Journey, gathered in the scenic spots such as Guilin Longsheng Huangluo Yaozhai, Liuzhou Rongshui Mengwu Miao Village, Hechi Yizhou Sister Liu, and other scenic spots.One -stop watching the lively scene of dancing and stepping songs in Guangxi, immersed experience Yao Dance, celebration of Miao Wu, and strong songs, and experience the charm of ethnic minority culture; Guangxi sincerely invites everyone to open the spring flavor · food fragrance journey,Take Nanning, Guigang, Yulin, Wuzhou, visit the fireworks in the old Nanning, visit the ecological Chashan, cook tea in the tea garden stove, experience Yufeng Song Yun on Yulin Cross Street, and feel the food culture that is both harvested.

From the endless Karst peaks to the sea and the sea, the blue waves are all -round, from the ancient and mysterious national culture to the magnificent and diverse border style, different lines provide tourists with different travel “strategies”, and the supply of differentiated tourism products is satisfied.The diverse tourism needs of tourists reflect the colorful charm of “the magnificent Guangxi of the world”.

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