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Josh Matavesi Exclusive: ‘Signing for Camborne has led to this massive excitement factor in my belly’


Josh Matavesi, a professional rugby player with a career spanning 17 years, has returned to his roots by signing with Camborne Rugby Club, where it all began for him. After playing for various clubs in England, France, Wales, and Japan, he felt a strong pull to return to his hometown club.

Coming from a proud Cornish background, Matavesi is excited to play for Camborne in National Two West after their promotion to the National Leagues. Family played a significant role in his decision, as he wanted to be closer to his wife and children, who have made sacrifices throughout his career. His brothers also play rugby professionally, and the move brings him closer to them and his father, who has a strong connection with Camborne as well.

Josh Matavesi has had spells in England, France, Wales and Japan but now he is back home in Camborne

Besides playing, Matavesi is taking on the role of Youth Development Officer for the club, hoping to make a positive impact on young players’ lives and contribute to the community. He is also starting a career in Business Development with a major sponsor of the club, CLX.

Returning to Camborne has brought immense excitement to Matavesi, and he looks forward to giving back to the community that supported him throughout his career.

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