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Let food safety be visible!Ningde’s work is liked to be liked

The third is to establish a pilot demonstration mechanism.According to the work deployment of the Provincial Bureau, Ningd

The third is to establish a pilot demonstration mechanism.According to the work deployment of the Provincial Bureau, Ningde City has determined Pingnan, Jiaocheng, Dongqiao, Xun Rong, and Xiapu as the pilot of the “one certificate”, and take the traceability voucher as the focus of the inspection of food production and operators to implement the inspection work.Food producers and operators who are required to implement the food safety traceability system, strengthen supervision, guidance and education, and increase investigations, and continue to promote the expansion of the “one certificate” to increase efficiency.


Efforts to “use” up and down

Play system function

The first is to strengthen publicity and training.In -depth campus and supermarkets to carry out the “one product, one yard” publicity activities, and hold 12 -phase regulators and food manufacturers “one product, one code” training course in 10 counties (cities, districts), and train 657 people.Through the combination of online and offline assistance, centralized training, and individual on -site guidance, the “one -on -one” and “point -to -point” “one -on -one” and “point -to -point” enterprise traceability business training guidance is normalized, and enterprises urge enterprises to complete food traceability information entry and management in a timely manner.

The second is to strengthen data monitoring and analysis.Arrange a special person to log in to the food traceability system of the integrated platform of smart supervision in Fujian Province every day, dynamic supervision and monitoring the entry of operating entities in the jurisdiction, and track the registered subject entry online, pay close attention to whether there is no timeout in the area of the jurisdiction, the upstream rejection of the upstream rejection, the upstream rejection of acceptanceAs well as problems such as data such as data on time, we should grasp the existing problems early, and continue to find a gap and make up for shortcomings through analysis of the system data, which effectively improves the “one product, one yard” work level.


Strive to work hard on “tube”

Improve the level of food safety

The first is to strengthen supervision and inspection.Combined with the “double random” inspection, special law enforcement, and daily supervision inspection, random spot checks were carried out to key units such as food manufacturers, wholesale operators, school catering halls, large and medium -sized catering units, etc., and urged operators to implement the main responsibility of food safety information traceability.As of now, a total of 351 food production and operation units (151 production links, 80 sales links, 120 catering links), and 3038 batches of food were issued, and 33 notices were ordered.

The second is to strengthen responsibility interviews.In response to issues such as low entry rates for food traceability information of some business entities, and issues such as low entry rates and no data over time over time, they were held to hold special interviews.One product and one yard “Food Safety Information Traceability Management Responsibility.

The third is to strengthen assessment and evaluation.Incorporate the “one product and one yard” into the city’s important part of the city’s food safety and performance assessment of county.Strengthen January 1 notification, report the management of the county (city, district) every month to trace the management of the “one product, one yard”, from the comparative analysis and finding inadequate place, and propose solutions in a targeted manner;(Municipal, district) Food production and operation throughout the link randomly check the full category traceability of food business units and report it, refine excellent practices, guide the deployment of the next step, and continuously promote the safety and stability of food in the city.

Next step

The Ningde Market Supervision Bureau will continue to promote the “one product, one yard” work of food production and operation, further implement the monthly notification system for the promotion of the “one product, one yard”, and continue to carry out the pilot work of the “one certificate” of food safety, expand and deepenFood safety information traceability work, strive to improve the level of food supervision, and ensure the “safety on the tip of the tongue.”

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