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NBA shocker! Harden joins Lakers, pairing with LeBron for a championship powerhouse!


The conflict between James Harden and the 76ers intensified during the summer games, with the two sides disagreeing on style of play, tactics and future plans. After Harden put forward a trade application, the Lakers acted quickly to start negotiations with the 76ers.

According to U.S. media reports, the Lakers have provided an offer to the 76ers, including Westbrook, Tucker, Nunn and 2027 first-round picks. 76ers welcome this offer, the two sides are expected to reach a deal.

The addition of Harden would be a huge boost for the Lakers. He is the top scorer in the league, averaging 22.9 points, 7.7 assists and 7.3 rebounds per game. In addition, he has excellent organizational skills and the ability to handle key shots.

If Harden is able to form a Big Three with James and the Brows, the Lakers will be a strong contender for the championship. The three will be able to form a diversified means of offense, and play a decisive role in the critical moment.

NBA shocker! Harden joins Lakers, pairing with LeBron for a championship powerhouse!

Of course, the addition of Harden will also bring some risk. He has had issues with poor attendance in the past, and in addition, his chemistry with James and the Brows will take time to prove.

Overall, the addition of Harden would be a big plus for the Lakers. He will bring strength and possibilities to the team and make the Lakers more competitive on their way to a championship.

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