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NBA under fire from track star Noah Lyles for claiming to be world champions


Track star Noah Lyles, who swept both the 100m and 200m titles at the 2023 Budapest World Athletics Championships, fired shots at the NBA for claiming to be world champions. Lyles, who secured his third straight 200m gold medal, accused the NBA of being too self-important and illogical. Lyles said at the press conference after the 200m event: “I see them wearing hats that say world champions in the NBA Finals. What world championship is that? America? Don’t misunderstand me, I love America too, but that’s not the world.”

Lyles contended that the NBA is just a domestic organization in America, and although it has many players from different countries, it does not represent all countries, and it cannot claim the title of world champion.

Lyles added: “This is the world here, almost every country is here fighting, putting up their flags, showing that they represent their country. There are no flags in the NBA. We do more, we (the competition) represent the world.”

NBA under fire from track star Noah Lyles for claiming to be world champions

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro responded to this, but his response was challenged by more people. Herro replied: “The NBA is the best league in the world, that’s why the NBA champion is the world champion!”

Herro’s reply directly provoked many netizens, who said that this was too unreasonable, and that this was trying to force the honor of world champion on the NBA, so there were various counterarguments from netizens.

Some netizens said that China’s table tennis is the best in the world, so can they also call their domestic league champion as the world champion?

Some netizens listed other sports events, such as the Champions League, and asked if these champions could be defined as world champions?

Some netizens also expressed support, saying that the NBA has the best players in the world, and the strongest strength, so it should be the world champion.

However, netizens who have this idea must have logical errors in their thinking. Having strength is one aspect, but the world champion must be obtained through international competitions. This title is not obtained without effort, and they cannot arbitrarily give themselves a title.

The NBA can be called the top league in basketball, but it cannot be called the world champion. The world champion is the result of competition between countries and countries. How can their own league be called the world champion? It is just misleading.

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