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[News 1+1] Add clear, plus understanding, rest assured!(2011.04.25)

Enter [News 1+1] >>China Internet TV News: How did people not expect that the next difficulties encou

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    China Internet TV News: How did people not expect that the next difficulties encountered after just solving the problem of eating are just to be eaten. Our ordinary people eat every day.How can the things appear in food not enter our mouth.In the face of this issue, the relevant departments of the State Council also gave a strategy of response.

    [Recent abuse of illegal additive food]

     Guangdong investigating and dealing with the problem of the pink bars industrial raw materials added to the sweet potato flour

     Shenyang seized 40 tons of poisonous bean sprouts each department and all said that “do not return to my management”    

     Many supermarkets in Shanghai sell dyed buns, saying that they will not eat starvation

     Henan Jiyuan Shuanghui Company uses lean meat -containing pork layers of supervision

     25 illegal additives have no detection method, non -edible material ≠ Food additives

    The Ministry of Health has recently re -released the “List of Non -Edible Substances and Easy Food Additives that may be added illegal in food”, and the corresponding testing methods are announced.However, the reporter’s inquiry found that a considerable part of the detection method of non -edible substances or vulnerable food additives that may be added illegal is temporarily lacking.

     This list released by the Ministry of Health includes a total of 47 “non -edible substances added illegal” and 22 “easy -to -abuse food additive varieties”.The Ministry of Health has made it clear on March 1 this year that the 47 non -edible substances announced by them are not food additives.”For a long time, some units have confused the boundaries of food additives and non -food substances. They will engage in illegal and criminal activities and add non -edible substances (such as Sudan Red, etc.) to food.The incident was attributed to the abuse of food additives, which deepened the public’s misunderstanding of food additives. “The Ministry of Health pointed out.

     The list of 47 kinds of food illegal additives is announced

Serial number name Food varieties that may be added Detection method
1 Hanging white block Bamboo, fans, flour, bamboo shoots GB/T 21126-2007 Wheat flour and rice flour and rice noodles and their products in the content of sodium hydrogen sodium sodium sodium sulfate in their products;〕 No. 159) Annexal 2 Measurement of Sodium Sodium Sodium Sulfate in Food
2 Sultan red Pepper powder, pepper -containing foods (chili sauce, spicy flavor condiments) GB/T 19681-2005 Food detection method of Sudan red dye high-efficiency liquid chromatography method
3 King golden, yellow Rotten skin  
4 Protein essence, melamine Milk and dairy products GB/T 22388-2008 ingredient milk and dairy products in dairy products GB/T 22400-2008 raw material milk mid-aged melamine rapid detection liquid chromatography method
5 Boric acid and borax Bamboo, meatballs, jelly, cold skin, noodles, dumplings none
6 Sodium thiocyanate Milk and dairy products none
7 Rose Red B condiment none
8 Art green tea none
9 Alkaline tender yellow Soybean products  
10 Industrial formaldehyde Dry water products such as sea cucumber, squid, blood tofu SC/T 3025-2006 Measurement of formaldehyde in aquatic products
11 Industrial fire alkali Dry water products such as sea cucumber, squid, fresh milk none
12 Carbon dioxide Golden Tuna, salmon none
13 Sodium sulfide Monosades none
14 Industrial sulfur White sugar, pepper, honey, white fungus, longan, carrots, ginger, etc. none
15 Industrial dye Xiaomi, corn flour, cooked meat products, etc. none
16 Poppy shell Hot pot base and snacks With reference
17 Genpi hydrolysis Milk and dairy products with milk drinks Animal hydrolyzed protein identification in milk and dairy products -L ( -) -whaline -hydroxyamine content is determined (the test method is provided by the Food Safety of the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine. This method is only suitable for fresh milk, pure milk, milk powder contact information:[email protected].
18 Potassium bromate Wheat flour GB/T 2018-2006 Meeting ion chromatography in wheat powder
19 β-lactamase (golden amnesia enzyme preparation) Milk and dairy products Liquid chromatography (testing method provided by the Food Safety of the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Sciences. Contact information: [email protected])
20 Fogaic acid dihyne pastry Qi phase chromatography method (detection method is provided by the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center
twenty one Abandoned edible oil Edible oil none
twenty two Industrial mineral oil Chen Hua rice none
twenty three Industrial gel Ice cream, meat jelly, etc. none
twenty four industrial alcohol Blended fake wine none
25 Diverse Ham, dried fish, salted fish and other products GB T5009.20-2003 Measurement of organic phosphorus pesticide residues in food
26 Hair water Soy sauce, etc. none
27 Ethyl of industrial Vinegar Analysis method of GB/T5009.41-2003 The hygiene standards for vinegar foods
28 Adrenaline receptor agonist drugs (cloto, laxamine, etc.) Pork, beef mutton and liver, etc.



GB-T22286-2008 The measurement of the residue of various β-receptor agonists in animal-derived foods in animal-derived foods, liquid chromatographic skewers connection
29 Nitrotanu drug Pork, poultry meat, animal aquatic products GB/T 21311-2007 Animal-derived Foods in Animal Food Metabolic Metabolic Residual Volume Detection Method, High-efficiency liquid chromatography-series mass spectrum method
30 Corn glycol Beef mutton and liver and milk GB/T 21982-2008 Animal source Food, Ricillin, β-corn glycol, α-corn glycopylis, β-corn glycopylene, corn gobrotone, and gyotrophone residue detection detectionMethods, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer/mass spectrometry method
31 Antibiotic residue pork Nothing, you need to develop liquid chromatography that measures vulgarine in animal foods-series mass spectrum method
32 sedative pork Reference GB/T 20763-2006 Pork kidney and muscle tissue, acetamine, chloropyrazine, fluoropyrahide, glycopylblyzine, tanolozine, Azaro Azatol, Kaka, Kaka, Kaka, KakaThe determination of the residual amount of azoin, liquid chromatography-series mass spectrum method.Nothing, you need to develop a stable liquid chromatography in animal food-series mass spectrum method
33 Fluorescent white substance Bipyus mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, white psychic mushrooms, flour Mushroom samples can be used to perform qualitative detection of flour samples without detection methods


34 Magnesus fungus none
35 Aluminum fungus none
36 Stuffed raw material bleach Baked food Nothing, you need to develop the measurement method of sulfur dioxide in the stuffing raw material
37 Acoustic Orange Ⅱ Yellow croaker, abalone juice, pickled braised meat products, red shell seeds, chili noodles and bean paste No, you need to develop the measurement method of lide orange II in food.Refer to the high-efficiency liquid chromatography of the orange II in the abalone and control in the abalone and control of Jiangsu Province-Candidate mass spectrum method (describe: the water washing method can be supplemented.
38 Chlora Raw water products, meat products, pork casings, honey GB/T 22338-2008 Determination of chloramphenicol residue in animal-derived foods



39 Oligone Spicy food Nothing, you need to develop the measurement method of the antibiotic antibiotics in spicy foods
40 Water glass Noodle product none
41 Peacock green Fish GB20361-2006 The measurement of malachite green and crystalline purple residue in Aquatic Products, high-efficiency liquid chromatography fluorescence detection method (It is recommended to develop liquid chromatography measured by malachite green and crystal purple remnants in aquatic products-Candidate Modeling Method)
42 Uloto Bamboo, rice noodles, etc. Nothing, you need to develop the measurement method of six Asia metharine in food
43 Sodium chlorophenol River crab SC/T 3030-2006 The determination of the pentinol and its sodium salt residue in aquatic products
44 Alcohol Aquaculture feed The measurement of high-efficiency liquid chromatography method for the amount of alcohol metabolites in aquatic products (Announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 1077-5-2008); the determination of the liquid chromatography method for the amount of ethanol residue in aquatic products (SC/T 3019-2004)
45 Alkaline yellow Yellow croaker none
46 Sulfidal Tameridine Pork meat GB20759-2006 Sixteen sulfa drugs in livestock and poultry meat to determine liquid chromatography-series mass spectrum method
47 Rhinoplasty Pickled food GB/T5009.20-2003 Measurement of organic phosphorus pesticide residues in food


List of food additives that may be abused in food

Serial number Food Perhabited additive varieties that may be easy to abuse Detection method


Rice (kimchi, etc.), wine Coloring agent (rouge, lemon yellow, temptation red, sunset yellow), etc.

    GB/T 5009.141-2003 Foods in GB/T 5009.35-2003 GB/T 5009.141-2003 The measurement of seductive red in food


Fruit jelly, protein frozen Symbol, preservatives, acidity regulators (己 酸, etc.)  


Pickle Symbols, preservatives, sweeteners (sodium sodium, sweetin, etc.)  


Noodles, moon cakes Emulsion agent (sucrose fatty acid ester, etc., acetyl monoconal acid ester, etc.), preservatives, color agents, sweeteners  


Noodles, dumpling skin Flour treatment agent  


pastry Polytic agent (aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate, etc.), water retaining agent phosphate phosphate (calcium phosphate, sodium tray dihydrogen dihydrogen dihydrogen, etc.), thickening agent (yellow gum, yellow anthocyan gum, etc.), sweetener (sweet agent, etc.)Sodium sodium, sweetin, etc.) GB/T 5009.182-2003 Measurement of Aluminum in Foods in Foods


Steamed bun Together (sulfur)  


Fritter Puffin (aluminum sulfate and aluminium sulfate)  


Meat products and halogen cooked food, marinated meat and tender meat powder products Colorrhea (nitrate, nitrite) GB/T 5009.33-2003 Measurement of nitrite and nitrate in food


Wheat flour Titanium dioxide, aluminum sulfate potassium  


Wheat flour talcum powder GB 21913-2008 The determination of talc powder in food


Stinky tofu Sulfate  


Dairy products (except cheese) Pearic acid GB/T21703-2008 “Method of the Methods of Phenyl acid and Yamic acid in milk and dairy products”


Dairy products (except cheese) Nanomatin Refer to GB/T 21915-2008 “Methods of Naithin in Food”


Dried vegetables Copper sulfate none


“Alcohol” (except for wine removal) Sweetin  


“Wine” Anti  


Noodle products and puffed foods Aluminum sulfate and aluminium sulfate  


Fresh lean meat Rouge GB/T 5009.35-2003 Synthesis of the synthetic color in food


Big yellow croaker, small yellow croaker Lemon yellow GB/T 5009.35-2003 Synthesis of the synthetic color in food

    twenty one

Chen Gan, rice noodles, etc. Sodium metabisulfite GB5009.34-2003 Measurement of Asian sulfate in food

    twenty two

Roasted fish fillets, frozen shrimp, grilled shrimp, dried fish, shredded squid, crab meat, cotton, etc. Sulfite GB/T 5009.34-2003 Measurement of Sulfate in Asia China

Note: The behavior of the abuse of food additives includes the behavior of excessive or over -range use of food additives

  Moderator Dong Qian:

  Welcome to “News 1+1”.

  How did people not expect that after the problem of eating and eating, the next difficulties they encountered could not be eaten.We are ordinary people and we have to eat every day, so what we care about now is how those things that should not appear in food can not enter our mouths. In the face of this problemPolicy.

  (Play short film)


  Drink white blocks, Sudan red, king golden and other illegal additives, pouring agents, colorants, emulsifiers and other susceptible additives. There are 151 kinds of illegal additives that are included in the blacklist.Actions will be launched around the world.

  Director of the Office of the Food Safety Committee of Zhangyong State Council:

  All illegal additions are criminals, and criminal investigation and economic sanctions must be imposed.So for these underground black den, and their major dealers and personnel who concentrate on the use of illegal additives, we must resolutely fight against quickly according to law, and must pay them a high price.


  On April 20, the General Office of the State Council specially issued a notice to deploy illegally in the country’s deployment.

  On April 21, the State Council convened a special work video conference on the special work of illegal additions and abuse of food additives across the country.

  On April 23, the state reiterated illegally adding lists in food and feed.

  On April 24th, nine departments such as the Food Safety Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Health jointly issued an announcement to request severe cracking down on food illegal additions.Essence

  Zhang Yong:

  In response to some current actual situations, we must also increase publicity to let the people understand food safety more, while strengthening public opinion supervision and encourage reports.


  Since March, from lean meat essence, dyed steamed buns to beef cream storm, rectifying illegal food added has indeed been urgent.In the past few days when the country strictly hit illegal additives and abuse additives, Guangdong has seized fake powder bars. A large number of additives such as ink, lemon yellow, and fruit green were found at the scene.

  Song Ruliang Vice President of the Health Law Research Association of the Guangdong Provincial Law Society:

  With the lack of conscience and morality of merchants to solve these problems, it is time to solve and protect happiness through the rule of law.


  The word “strict” is the lead, from sales, use to supervision, standards, and self -discipline. A series of deployment of the State Council’s special food safety work conference on April 21 was deployed.

  Zhang Yong:

  It is necessary to take the Food Safety Law as the criterion, focus on governing chaos, increase punishment, and effectively change the problem of low illegal costs. It is necessary to make criminals pay a high price and truly deterrent.


  Focus on governance, respond to social concerns in a timely manner, publicly investigate and deal with food safety incidents, and each link cannot be separated from the participation of the whole society.The actions of illegal food additives are strictly rectified this time, and a prize reporting system is also set up to encourage the reporting of internal personnel of the production and operation units. At the same time, the supervision of public opinion of the news media is actively supported. Starting from yesterday, the joint supervision team composed of the Ministry of Agriculture and other departments has rushed to ten to tenProvincial and cities.


  We see that the country is strictly governing chaos, but why is the chaos that are constantly happening while strict?

  Bai Yansong commentator:

  This is a unique situation at this stage.I used to compare it in the show, which is in the phase of the stalemate. You will see in the phase of the relationship. On the one hand, it is getting stricter and stricter, but on the other handPerhaps slowly, with the end of the stalemate, there will be fewer and fewer things that we don’t want to see. I am afraid that we have used daily laws, and daily blows are covered.Once again, it emphasizes it.Now the loopholes in the law and technology allow it to have time to drill, so we must rely on people, rely on our various departments to work together to keep strictly beating to make up for the problems that exist here.


  In December 2008, the nine departments were the nine departments we saw today. They are also fighting today they are fighting these two things.

  Bai Yansong:

  Mine difficulties have been hit for more than ten years.


  What changes have happened in the past two years?

  Bai Yansong:

  As the media and the whole society pay more and more attention to food safety, it is true that we have also seen a lot of food safety incidents. In our hearts, we have increasingly increasing the sense of dishonesty in food safety.You have to say that the two interval between two or three years, what changes have happened. The State has the Food Safety Commission. It is already Li Keqiang’s handsome and can integrate various departments.On the other hand, everyone has entered a detail. How to choose all that should not be added. The added can be detected, and the media can follow up.I feel that it is getting more and more thin, but I really haven’t said that the quality has changed. I think food safety will go through such a stage.


  Just like you said just now, for ten years, what it looks like, what is it like now, but after all, mine difficulties are a small probability, and it is a small -scale crowd event.But for food safety, two years of time are enough to lose a lot of patience.

  Bai Yansong:

  But I don’t think I can say what it looks like, such as the original mine is going down the well?It may have to be downloaded now. The governor has been going on. Now the governor may continue to be due to mine difficulties, but do you say that the number of deaths is decreasing, but is the reduction in a large amount?No, so this is also a phase of the same.So from the perspective of food safety, you must slowly see him, you are giving him the pulse, and in the end you have to catch his life door.This time, we said that illegal additions, including food additives, etc., are indeed every day in our daily life. When you encounter pain, you are caused by them, then you have to catch this matter now.


  The relevant departments of the State Council this time are also the additives of food, whether illegal or abuse.

  Bai Yansong:

  I think this must be clear. The audience may think it is the same thing, that is, food additives, no, it is completely different.One is illegally added, and the other is the abuse of food additives. For the simplest example, our mother cooks at home. When cooking, don’t pay attention to putting the laundry powder as salt as salt. This is an illegal additive, regardless of whetherI have to throw away what I finish, because I ca n’t eat it, but sometimes my mother often finished speaking when steaming the buns.For this kind of alkali you consume, you need it to steam the steamed buns, but the alkali will be bitter, and it may be thrown away, but the latter belongs to the abuse of food additives.It is often the former that comes to great harm. We did n’t know in the past. Sanjananamidium, Sudan Red, etc., were originally not eaten by people, but they all entered the food. Then you said that you do n’t scare people.


  One must never appear in food, it is called illegal and illegal.Another is what we especially pay attention to today is food additives.


  Lesson sperm, dyed steamed buns, poisonous bean sprouts, beef cream, Li Keqiang, deputy prime minister of the State Council and director of the State Council’s Deputy Prime Minister and Director of the Food Safety Committee of the State Council, emphasized that food illegally added harmfulness.It is easy to cause chain reactions and must pay great attention.

  What are the easiest to be added to people’s food?On April 22, the Ministry of Health announced the latest blacklist on food additives, which listed 47 non -edible substances added illegal and food additives in 22.Always confused.

  Wang Zhutian China Disease Control Center Deputy Director of Nutrition and Food Safety Institute:

  For additives, we haven’t happened so far. It is really because of the safety of food additives, and the food safety incident brought about.


  Non -edible substances added illegal, such as hanging white blocks in bamboo fans, Sudan red in chili sauce, and triocyan ammonia in milk, are the protagonists who have caused major food safety accidents.The existence of their existences will cause harm to the human body regardless of the large amount, so they are banned from being added to food by the state, but they are not food additives.For food additives allowed in food, they are widely used in modern food, pigmentation, flavors, potassium citric acid, calcium carbonate, etc. They are all used in bread, drinks, instant noodles, etc.Among them, although food additives are not like those non -edible substances that are illegal, they have great harm to the body, and they also have strict regulations in production and use.

  Wang Zhutian:

  First, it cannot be harmful to the security of the human body.Second, you cannot cover up a defect of your own products.Third, adultery cannot be fake.The fourth is to use as little or not as much as possible under the conditions of the process.


  Compared with non -food material, it is not allowed to add. For food additives, relevant regulations have the requirements of adding range and adding amounts.

  Tang Yunhua Beijing Food Safety Office spokesman:

  Each type of food additive has the content it should use. If it exceeds the provisions of the content limit, it may cause damage to physical health.


  At present, there are about 2,400 national standard food additives in my country, of which more than 300 are of them. In 2010, the national food additive production was about 7.1 million tons, and product sales were about 72 billion yuan. Most of them were exotic products.

  Professor Cao Yanping at the School of Food, Beijing University of Technology and Commerce:

  Food additives are such a concept of foreign. In fact, we have only two independent innovation. Licorinin and Luo Han Guogoside in Luo Han Guo.In food, it was not accepted in other countries abroad.


  In the face of thousands of food additives, how to control the use and how to supervise can the harm to the human body minimize?

  Cao Yanping:

  Many newly developed food additives abroad are that they want to use their own people, and also want to do it to pursue the value and interests of business. The more people want to use, the better.If Japan has completed the evaluation of security performance, we also allow it to use it in our country.

  I think our country should establish a method of evaluating the consumption habits and physical signs of these food additives, and then a re -evaluation of related food additives.


  Among the lists announced by the Ministry of Health, of 47 non -edible substances that may be added illegally, 25 substances are blank or filled with “none” in the test method.Among the 22 easy -to -prone food additives, 12 are also blank or “none” in the test method.

  Cao Yanping:

  After all, technology has its limitations. For example, the trench oil that has a great impact in the previous stage. We have no way to distinguish whether the gutter oil is processed after processing, and this fresh consumption that has not been cooked.Oil, the difference between the two of them, now there is no technology to distinguish it. This can only restrain themselves by the integrity and moral level of the operator and processor.


  Of the 47 non -edible substances that may be added illegal, 25 substances are blank or “none” in the test method.Among the 22 easy -to -prone food additives, 12 are also blank or “none” in the test method.Since there is no such detection method, who can be detected here?

  Bai Yansong:

  In a big background, there are only two types of food additives in China until now, and only two are independently developed. Most of them are introduced from abroad. We must look at others.We all agree with this kind of thing, let’s agree.But did we follow up with the level of follow -up of follow -up, have we followed up, is it all?


  Aren’t we all 2,400 additives have national standards?

  Bai Yansong:

  No, there will be some things that are not standard at all, and the standards must be established slowly. In addition, there will be new things. For example, composite food additives, which will popularize the concept here. We will not talk about illegal additives.Why do n’t you use it in food at all, it is called illegal additives, mekeechocyanamine, Sudan red, industrial alcohol, industrial alkali, etc. We are talking about these things that can be put in food, and there is also a monitoring.Now there is a new trend, called composite food additives. It adds n species to you to a bag, just like the seasoning for the instant noodles we eat.Salt, pepper, all kinds of things have all kinds of things, and there are already this kind of compound. We have no standards, so we are required to introduce this thing before the end of the year. You see that we still need to follow these, so follow the buttocks of othersIt is always uncomfortable.


  The experts just said a word, he said that technology is limited, and he can’t distinguish it for a period of time, but I have a question, isn’t this or not?

  Bai Yansong:

  It is difficult to distinguish the ditch oil from good oil, but I think you have to make this clear, and you have to work hard to do it. For example, experts will also tell us the alkali and alkali that can be used in the industry.It is difficult to subdivide it, including new composite food additives now appear.I feel that on the one hand, we must rely on the power of scientific research to increase investment and strive to decrease slowly, otherwise we will not be down -to -earth.But if you change a standard, you have to supervise the whole process. I think it is very passive now. After the passive is finished, go to see if we detect the disease, but no one will pay attention. Before the disease, we have to haveThere is no way to monitor the whole society. He does not get sick, does not infected with disease, and has a minor illness. I think the key points should be slowly in the future. While ensuring the detection of the disease, there must be progress.The passive thing is that we need to use ourselves, you, use me, with the stomach, and use our health to detect various foods. Even if the technology is developed, there are people to drill vulnerabilities, so I think the two may work togetherEssence


  Looking back at the food additives, because the food additives were said in the short film just now, the establishment process of our country’s standard is to see that it is useless in Europe and the United States to use it. It is useless to use Japan.Since they allow it, we also allow it. Isn’t this logical?

  Bai Yansong:

  That’s not necessarily.First of all, is there a difference between human race?For a certain amount of additives, can we use a little reduction in use? In addition, the test standards, crowds, how many people in China, Chinese food are rich, and how rich Chinese food is.In addition, where are we just in the current development stage, there is indeed such a situation now, but there is no way. In the past, China was an agricultural society, and food additives were accompanied by the development of the food industry.Come out, rubbing, eating, there may be no additives, but then it can’t work. It is to be transported. It must be made into a can. If you want to transport it, you have to add preservatives.Come here, so we have taken a lot of steps abroad first. It first completed the start of the food industry, and we were late at us, so follow the buttocks behind others.In addition, we lack in many aspects such as technology, funds, morality, supervision, etc., so we put the gourds.


  We are already following the buttocks of food additives. Now you say you want to ensure its safety. What should I do?

  Bai Yansong:

  Expect all the problems within a day to solve it, then let’s not eat everything. I think it must accept this reality of it.Let’s ask anyone to ask for a two -sentence.I can’t guarantee it, but have it been in a correct direction, so I think that the society and the media are supervised in all aspects. I can’t say that there are problems, or even let people know. I think there are many problems now.There is insufficient trust, but I still have to persist, and even call on more media and the public to participate in discovery and disclose him. I always feel that it is hidden.No these problems have improved a little.But then change it.


  The recovery and establishment of confidence is in this process.

  Bai Yansong:

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