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Paris Controversially Sells Former Bundesliga Top Winger for €20M, a Price Discrepancy of €6M


According to reports, Draxler’s transfer fee to Qatar’s Doha Nationals was in excess of €20 million, compared to his German transfer market value of just €6 million. That means Paris Saint-Germain made “relevant arrangements” in the transfer to get more money dunk low dunk

Draxler joined Paris from Wolfsburg in 2017 for a transfer fee of €36 million. But he didn’t perform up to expectations in Paris and was even loaned out to Benfica last season.

Paris decided not to use Draxler at the start of the season, hence the move to the Qatar League. However, the gap between the transfer fee and the actual value of the player sparked a heated debate.

This practice by Paris is not uncommon in world football, such as the Pjanic and Artur swap incident back in the day, as well as many incidents of unexpected amounts in Serie A deals.sp19 air jordan 1 high og

Paris Controversially Sells Former Bundesliga Top Winger for €20M, a Price Discrepancy of €6M

UEFA may investigate the matter. Paris could be penalized if they are found to have violated the financial fairness policy.

Paris are in the process of replacing the old with the new this season having already sent away former stalwarts such as Neymar and Verratti. But it remains to be seen whether they can remain united and make a breakthrough in the Champions League amid Mbappe’s flurry of transfer problems.

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