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Perfect health products classroom: exercise, sleep, mentality, lack of indispensable!

On the road of pursuing a healthy life, improving immunity is undoubtedly a vital part.When we explore how to effectively en

On the road of pursuing a healthy life, improving immunity is undoubtedly a vital part.When we explore how to effectively enhance immunity, we will find that the three elements of exercise, sleep and mentality play an important role in it. They interact and build a strong line of defense against the disease.Next, the perfect health care products will take everyone to understand how these three can help us improve our immunity.
Exercise is a source of health and a gas station for immunity.A moderate amount of exercise can regulate the immune function in our body and improve the body’s disease resistance.Persist in exercise for 30 ~ 45 minutes a day, the number of immunity cells will increase, and the resistance will increase accordingly.If the amount of exercise is too small, it is not enough to achieve the effect of regulating the immune function; while excessive exercise and excessive fatigue will lead to a reduction in immune function, increase the infection rate of diseases such as respiratory tract, and may even induce some potential diseases [1].
Sleep is our indispensable repair time. Modern medicine proves that during sleep, the human body enters the state of rest, recovery, and energy re -accumulation.Deep sleep is a critical moment to start the physical repair function. Sleep is the magic weapon to protect the human body itself, and it is a mechanism for the repairs of the ergonomic function.However, people’s sleep can fully start the body’s repair function only when it is deepened by its own biological clock. [2]Therefore, the perfect health product classroom warmly reminds everyone that even if the work and life are busy, don’t forget to rest.
Scientific research shows that negative emotions such as fear, tension, anxiety, and anger can stimulate the increase in cortical cholesterol secretion. Excessive stress protein secretion in the body will affect the number and quality of T cells and macrophages, inhibit cellular immunity, cause immunityDecreased force [3].
Therefore, learning to relieve stress and maintain an optimistic attitude is essential for our immunity.As the old saying says, “Smile with a smile, ten years less.” In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, our body will be healthier.
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