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Science Enlightenment Museum, Science Show Theater, Flying Cinema … Hisense Exploration Center upgrade and return

Qingdao Daily/Guanhai News April 3rd. As the popular science tour continues to heat up, parents have so

Qingdao Daily/Guanhai News April 3rd. As the popular science tour continues to heat up, parents have sought to broaden their children’s knowledge vision through teaching and joy.Recently, the Hisense Exploration Center has been upgraded to welcome tourists with a new look.

The upgraded Hisense Exploration Center especially emphasized the educational concept of “playing as learning”.After a comprehensive transformation of the scientific enlightenment hall in the center, more than 40 innovative interactive exhibition has been added.These exhibitions not only closely combine the key knowledge points of children’s scientific enlightenment, but also pay attention to fun and interaction. It aims to stimulate children’s interest in science through multi -sensory experience and hands -on operations, and cultivate their creative thinking and practical ability.

The upgraded Hisense Exploration Center not only provides a wealth of scientific enlightenment experience, but also a park that allows children to explore and discover hobbies freely.The person in charge of the center said: “We hope that children are not just learning knowledge here, but more importantly, to cultivate their curiosity and exploration, so that they can truly feel the charm of science in the process of playing.”

In addition to the rejuvenation of the Scientific Enlightenment Pavilion, the Hisense Exploration Center has also fully upgraded the Science show theater, and has a more cool stage effect and an immersive viewing experience.The highly anticipated flight theater officially opened to the public on April 1st. Its shocking audiovisual effects and 4K high -definition nude eyeball technology will bring tourists an immersive flight experience.

In order to welcome the upcoming Qingming holiday, the Hisense Exploration Center has carefully planned a series of colorful activities, including “getting a curiosity” interactive experience, “seasonal limited science show: crazy spring tour” performance, “Curious Lianmeng Meeting meeting”And” Strange Realm Adventure “adventure game.In addition, the center also has a special hand -made experience area, allowing children to experience traditional skills such as living type printing.

In the future, the Hisense Exploration Center will continue to cultivate the design and content development of facilities in the exhibition, continuously innovate and improve the popular science education project, and is committed to providing children and parents with better visits, play and learning experience.(Qingdao Daily/Guanhai Journalist Ma Xiaoting)

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