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Suqian: Overwatch City Greenland to create a livable environment

In the past few days, at the construction site of the Alishan River Park project in Suyu District, a group of workers were busy plan

In the past few days, at the construction site of the Alishan River Park project in Suyu District, a group of workers were busy planting seedlings and paving garden roads.”It is expected that the park will be open to the outside world at the end of this year, and the surrounding residents will have an extra place for ecological leisure.” Said Zhang Ying, director of the Green Management Center of the Garden Office of Suyu District.

The Alishan River Park Project was officially started in March last year, covering an area of about 300 acres, with a total investment of about 75 million yuan. The project is divided into three independent theme parks in ornamental recreational parks, social cultural parks, and sports music garden.”We have also carried out ecological restoration work simultaneously, including river management, aquatic plant planting, and waterfront platform construction, etc., and strive to create a modern urban waterfront park with green and charm.” Zhang Ying said.

The construction of the Alishan River Park project is a microcosm of Suqian’s promotion of urban greening. It is a specific measure for Suqian to consolidate the foundation of the “Jiangsu Ecological Park” construction.

In recent years, Suqian has actively responded to the urban garden greening initiative during the new development stage, and strives to build a high -quality “lovely city” with livable, wisdom and toughness, continuously improve the garden green space space system, explore the “enjoy” scene of garden green space, and give full play to the full play.The function of garden green space has promoted the new improvement of urban greening results from “sharing” to “enjoying”, making the people’s “green happiness” more and more enough.

As of the end of last year, the greening rate of the construction area of Suqian Central City, the green coverage rate of the central city built -up area, and the service radius coverage rate of the service radius of the park greening activity venue were 42.27%, 45%, and 96.09%, respectively. The three indicators ranked first in the province.

“Suqian fully considers the activity needs of people in all ages, and selectively integrates the local traditional cultural elements of Suqian in the design of the garden.Director Zhang Rui introduced that from legislation to protect urban green space at the source to expanding the function of enriching the green space of the city, Suqian always insisted on carrying out the work of urban greening with systematic thinking planning.

In 2016, Suqian’s first local regulations, “The Regulations on the Protection of Urban Green Land in Suqian City”, were officially implemented, which played an important role in protecting urban green space and consolidating the results of greening.Earlier this year, Suqian formulated and issued the “2024 Central Cities” Lexiang Garden Construction Plan “, and arranged 37 categories of seven categories of” Lexiang Garden “construction project, including colorful landscape construction, comprehensive park construction,” pocket “park construction construction, Urban Greenway Construction, etc.In addition, Suqian also formulated and introduced the “Administrative Measures for the Construction of the Garden Greening Project in Suqian City” and “Implementation Rules for the Quality and Safety Supervision of Garden Greening Project in Suqian City”. By strengthening the supervision and management of the construction process, the quality of garden greening projects is further controlled.

Hydrophopper, spring mountains are expected.Last year alone, Suqian built more than 50 “music gardens” scenes with aesthetic characteristics and humanistic care in more than 50 “Yushan Garden” scenes.As of the end of last year, Suqian has built a total of 571 kilometers of urban green roads and 1029 kilometers of tree -lined roads, making citizens ride, stroll, and fitness.

“At present, we are still exploring the new model of” Greenland+’to enrich the application scenarios of urban gardens. “Zhang Rui said that the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau has carefully constructed the diversified scenarios such as” green space+classroom “and” green space+market “.The general public offers outdoor leisure venues such as tents, kites, picnics, etc., and innovatively launched activities such as “outdoor lawn wedding”, “lawn music festival” and “trees adoption”.It can be felt in daily life.

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