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The A -share teaching and training sector rose, and Kaiyuan Education rose by 20%

On April 23, after the opening of the A -share opening, the education index rose all the way, rising more than 5.5%.As of the afternoon clo

On April 23, after the opening of the A -share opening, the education index rose all the way, rising more than 5.5%.As of the afternoon closing, the education index rose 3.17%, and 17 ingredients stocks rose by 15.Kevin Education, Angli Education, and Cordon Education rose more than 7%.
In terms of Hong Kong stocks, the education index has also risen, and as of the closing of 2.55%.Excellent Education Group rose 8.71%, thinking about music education rose more than 6%, New Oriental rose 3.29%, and net dragon rose 2.15%.
On the afternoon of April 22, at the press conference on the first quarter of the first quarter of 2024 held in the National New Office, the Ministry of Finance stated that from the perspective of the revenue and expenditure in the first quarter,The efficiency is accelerating the release, which provides strong support for the rise of the economy.In the next step, the Ministry of Finance will focus on continuous efforts from six aspects.Among them, education focuses on increasing investment in high school education to ensure that students’ funding needs.Promote the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education, and promote the popularization of Plaza and vocational school running conditions for preschool education.Promote the construction of Chinese characteristics, world -class universities and advantageous disciplines.
Huaxi Securities Research believes that educational policies are relatively bottomed out and are one of the more certain investment directions.
The research report released by Minsheng Securities pointed out that the third anniversary of the “double reduction” of the K12 education industry is approaching, and the “double reduction” special operations have been launched in various places.Discipline training and other violations, as well as bottom line requirements such as the security and fire safety of the certification agency.The research report believes that the current regulatory environment is good for the stock compliance header.Judging from the recent investigation, the existing institutions have performed well in cold spring enrollment.
Surging news reporter Liu Chang
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