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The British "Birth Certificate" China "ID" Newton Apple Tree "settled" Shanghai Sciences Hall

China News Service, Shanghai, March 25 (Reporter Zheng Yingying) Newton’s apple tree with a height of

  China News Service, Shanghai, March 25 (Reporter Zheng Yingying) Newton’s apple tree with a height of about 160 cm officially officially “settled” in Shanghai Sciences Hall, becoming the “messenger” of scientific exchanges and cooperation between China and Britain.

On March 25, Newton’s apple tree officially “settled” Shanghai Science Hall.Photo by Zheng Yingying, a reporter from China News Service

  In 2015, the five branches cut from the Newton apple trees in Woolsop Manor were sent to the Shanghai Tanshan Botanical Garden carefully cultivated. After nearly 10 years, it was grafted and survived.On the same day, Newton’s apple tree officially “moved” to the Shanghai Science Hall.

  This apple tree has two certificates, one is the “birth certificate” issued by the British side, and the other is the “ID card” issued by China (that is, introduce the approval form of forest seeds, seedlings and other breeding materials quarantine).

  Zhang Jie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of the Shanghai Science and Technology Association, said that Newton has been away from us for nearly 300 years. Newton’s apple trees with legendary connection with his scientific life have been grafted in many places in the world. “It is because it represents a leading and inheritance of the scientific spirit. “He said that after the branches of Newton’s apple tree came to Shanghai, Chinese and Britain jointly established a scientific innovation fund -the Newton Fund to fund a number of excellent excellent excellenceShanghai young scholars participated in international academic conferences to enhance mutual understanding and closer each other in scientific and technological exchanges.

  The British Consul General Bao Maiyu said that the branches selected from the ancient apple tree were grafted to the local saplings in Shanghai and survived and growing.Ability and tradition, new and beautiful things can take root and bloom.”There is an old saying in China, ten years of trees, and a century -old tree, hoping that Newton’s apple tree can inspire more young people to participate in science.” He said.

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