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The Education Bureau of Shang District held a working meeting of the Teachers Teacher’s Teachers’ Team in 2024

On March 21, the Shang District Education Bureau held a 2024 teacher team construction work conference.The meeting compr

On March 21, the Shang District Education Bureau held a 2024 teacher team construction work conference.The meeting comprehensively summarized the achievements of the construction of the teachers in the district in 2023, analyzed the new situation facing the construction of teachers’ teams, and studied and deployed key tasks of the construction of the teachers in the 2024 district.Wang Lixia, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Education Bureau of Shang District, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Shangjie District 2024 Teacher Team Construction Work Conference was held

The meeting pointed out that in 2023, the educational system of Shangjie District focused on the quality of education and teaching in the region, the level of teacher team building, and the “three improvements” of the comprehensive governance capacity of education.Excellent efficiency and improvement of quality, deeply cultivating the management and literacy improvement of teachers, the full level of construction of the teacher team has set a new level, providing a strong support for the high -quality development of education in the region.

The meeting emphasized that one must enhance political standing, carry the heavy responsibility of the times, and further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency of strong teachers and teachers.The decision -making deployment of team building further enhances the sense of responsibility and mission of doing a good job in the construction of teachers.Second, we must focus on five key points, clarify work standards, and further implement new policies, new requirements, and new measures for the work of strong teachers and teachers, that is, focus on the construction of teachers ‘moral divisions, and strive to implement the fundamental tasks of Lide Shushu people; focus on teachers’ majorsGetting up and growing, focusing on improving the level of education and teaching; focusing on the comprehensive reform of teachers’ management, focusing on streaming and improving the institutional mechanism; focusing on the implementation of teachers’ treatment guarantee, and focusing on improving the status of teachers; focusing on the quality of teachers’ teams and exceeding the optimization of organizational guarantee evaluation mechanisms.Third, we must improve the work style, improve their ability quality, and further promote the work of strong teachers and teachers and teachers.Measures, ultra -conventional actions, continue to struggle, and write a new chapter in the construction of teachers!

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