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The Olympic Games allows the Paris Museum to change: Come to the Louvre to make a yoga jump!

On the occasion of the Paris Olympic Games, on April 23, the Lumfu Palace Museum in Paris released news that a spe

On the occasion of the Paris Olympic Games, on April 23, the Lumfu Palace Museum in Paris released news that a special cultural event will be launched before the Olympic Games -a series of sports courses such as yoga, dance and fitness in the museum.Citizens and tourists can enjoy the world’s famous paintings and sculptures while performing sports and feel the collision between art and sports.
▲ In the female portrait hall of the Louvre, people are rehearsing the “exercise journey”.This rehearsal is part of the “Olympic Spirit” of the Louvre exhibition
In order to bring the Olympic spirit into the ancient space of the museum, the Louvre invited the famous dancer McGidi Cocos to teach.The gallery of the Louvre will become a stage for dance and fitness. Cocosh will lead tourists to experience a series of professional courses.
It is reported that during the Olympic Games, the Louvre will hold different types of courses, including Disco dance, played players, yoga and aerobic exercise.These courses not only provide tourists with a unique physical and mental experience, but also make the museum’s atmosphere more active and interactive.Yoga courses are particularly attractive. It allows participants to enjoy physical and mental relaxation while admiring the unparalleled art collection of the Louvre.
▲ Doing yoga in the museum is a matter of mind and mind
As the Paris Olympics approach, the Louvre Museum also plans to host a series of activities and exhibitions related to the Olympic spirit to celebrate this global sports event.
Among them, “Olympic: Modern invention, ancient heritage” will continue from April 24 to September 16.The exhibition will show the public the creative process and its image sources of the first Olympic Games, and explore the political background behind it.Through this exhibition, the audience can understand how the French and Greek characters represented by Pierre De Gu Bayan at the end of the 19th century re -invent the ancient Greek competitions and create this global sports event.Explore the remodeling of the Olympic Games at the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.
▲ A visitor walks through the “Olympic Spirit” exhibition of the Louvre Museum
The Louvre has also designed rich activities for family and young audiences, such as “12 tasks of Hercules” and “Olympic Studio”, etc., and aims to allow audiences of different ages to feel through interactive education activities.The charm of Olympic spirit.”Louvonic Palace is located in the center of Paris and it will also be the center of the Olympic Games.”
In addition, the Paris Municipal Government announced on April 23 its public celebration plan, including concerts and special exhibitions in the Virgin of Paris, as well as cultural activities held in various museums and galleries in Paris.The Paris Mayor’s Office stated that the Paris Olympic Games was “in the history of the Olympic Games, the host city was for the first time to create a people’s sports meeting. It can share Olympic enthusiasm at the event and outside the stadium, the city center, and each region.”
According to the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Tony Estanga, the activity of the Cultural Olympic was designed to allow the public to participate in the Olympic Games and show the historical connection between art and Olympicism.
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