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The Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions launched a series of health care series actions

According to the content requirements of “Providing Remote Video Medical Service Projects for Faculty and Workers

According to the content requirements of “Providing Remote Video Medical Service Projects for Faculty and Workers and Border Police in the Southern Border County and City, the Federation of Autonomous Region invited 10 well -known experts to carry out simultaneously from March 14th to 15The “Expert’s Free Clinic Sending Healthy Psychological Lecture to Building a Line” activity, which sent high -quality free consultation services and mental health lectures for the border people (auxiliary) police, faculty and their families.

The team of free clinics brought together the chief physicians of Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, China -Japan Friendship Hospital, Peking University Shougang Hospital, and Urumqi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.Faculty and border police officers provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services covering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, otolaryngology, gynecological and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture.In just two days, the experts successfully accepted more than 1,000 employees and their families.

At the free clinic site, experts conducted professional and detailed examinations for the people (auxiliary) police, faculty and family members in need, to understand the physical condition through the main complaints and examination reports, and combined with the characteristics of the work occupation.The plan proposes personalized diagnosis and treatment suggestions.At the same time, the experts kept telling: “Be sure to pay attention to the prevention and early discovery of the disease. Usually pay more attention to your physical condition, do minor illnesses, and treat them in time.” Strengthening everyone’s understanding of the importance of disease prevention and doingEarly screening, early evaluation, early intervention.

Figure 1. Beijing Sanjian experts are the people (auxiliary) police and family members’ free consultations

The event was highly evaluated by employees and family members.”It is so lucky that you can enjoy the services of these experts who are usually unable to find in Beijing No. 1 at home! They are not only superb technology, but also rich experience. They are more at ease when we see a doctor.”Faculty who received diagnosis and treatment at the scene said excitedly.

Figure 2. Aksu Love Clinic Activity Scene scene

At the same time, a psychological health lecture with the theme of “Meeting with the mind and traveling with health” is also held in Urumqi’s entry and exit border station and Urumqi No. 2 Middle School.Pay attention to mental health.At this lecture, the Director Chen Aiqin of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University was invited by the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions.She uses multimedia display, theoretical explanations, enumerate examples, on -site interaction and other methods, and closely combines the current entry -exit border inspection head station (auxiliary) police, as well as the actual work and life of faculty and staff.Knowledge and skills.The frequent interaction of the lecture site is warm atmosphere, and the participating employees have expressed that they have benefited them a lot. They must transform the health care of the chief union of the autonomous region into the inexhaustible motivation of defending the border and performing their duties.Challenges to work and life.

Figure 3. The first -line civilian (auxiliary) police listening

At the same time, practical problems such as difficult living conditions such as the first -tier citizens (auxiliary) police in Xinjiang, such as difficult living conditions, decentralized personnel distribution, and high work physical and mental stress, as well as challenges of incomplete coverage and high quality and efficiency of conventional mental health services.Remote video medical projects, tailor -made a 24 -hour psychological counseling, emotional guidance, and pressure management service hotline for front -line people (auxiliary) police to ensure that the people (auxiliary) police can obtain timely and professional psychological psychology at any time and anywhere.Support and help.

Since 2023, the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions has launched remote video medical service projects with public welfare forces. Third parties with Internet hospital qualifications provide 7*24 hours of real -time video medical services to ensure that employees can enjoy in time and in time.Reliable medical services.At the same time, by setting up the public account of employee health service, regularly organized a variety of forms such as science science lectures and experts’ free clinics, and is committed to extending high -quality medical resources to the side of each employee and their families, creating a comprehensive and three -dimensionalizationHealth security system.

In the next step, the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions will continue to focus on the health needs of special employee groups, actively build more high -quality medical service platforms, send high -quality medical services to the first front whistle of the frontier, to the door of the employee’s house, and to the heart of the employees.Build a solid and warm health barrier for the majority of employees.(Correspondent Elixiti Cardel)

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