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Ty Lue says he will not accept any shortcomings on defensive end for Clippers


Tyron Lue anticipates a strong defensive performance from the LA Clippers in the upcoming season. With both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George returning to the court in good health, there is optimism about their defensive capabilities. Despite not consistently performing at their best during their four-year tenure with the team, they both possess elite wing defensive skills. Their efforts will be complemented by Ivica Zubac, who will hold down the center position. This combination of talent suggests that the Clippers have the potential to become a formidable defensive force, particularly in half-court situations.

The Clippers’ head coach is urging his team to fully embrace the physical demands of becoming an elite defensive unit. He envisions a high-pressure playing style, with a focus on aggressively pressuring ball-handlers and executing quick defensive switches:

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“From a defensive perspective,” Lue emphasized during a recent interview on Sirius XM NBA Radio, “we have an abundance of defensive versatility at our disposal. We are blessed with numerous players who excel in defense. Our collective mindset is crystal clear: we are determined to be among the top 5 defensive teams this year, and there will be no excuses. It all begins with our commitment to physicality.”

“Our approach starts from the moment an opponent touches the ball – we want to be right there, making them uncomfortable. Our relentless pursuit of rebounds is crucial to finishing each defensive possession effectively. By consistently implementing these principles, we are poised to be an exceptionally challenging team to compete against.”

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