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Water cubic cubes will run the top "water ballet" top competition for the World Cup Beijing Station to start next month

From April 5th to 7th, the flower -like swimming, known as “water ballet”, will bloom in Beijing -the fi

From April 5th to 7th, the flower -like swimming, known as “water ballet”, will bloom in Beijing -the first stop of the World Swimming World Cup World Cup in 2024 will be held at the National Swimming Center “Water Cube”.This event is sponsored by the World Swimming Federation (hereinafter referred to as the “World Swimming Federation”). The China Swimming Association and the Beijing Sports Bureau are jointly organized. It is expected that nearly 100 athletes from more than 10 countries and regions will participate.According to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee, the competition organization, venue guarantee, reception services, market development and other work have been launched one after another, and all tasks are currently proceeding.

Swimming is a water competition project that integrates dance and music. It is composed of swimming, skills, dance and music, which brings a dual vision of technical and artistic experience.In recent years, the Chinese Swimming Team has performed well in the World Championship.In February this year, of the 11 projects of the Daha World Championships, the Chinese team won 7 gold and 1 silver and 1 copper to create the best results in the World Championships.

It is reported that this World Cup Beijing Station, the Chinese Swimming Team will have 25 players.They have carried out targeted preparation and training based on the new rules launched by the World Swimming Federation, and will enhance competitiveness through the aspects of action details, rich work style, and enhance artistic expression.

This event will be carried out at the “Water Cube” of the National Swimming Center.Data map

Not long ago, Beijing won the right to host the World Swimming Championship in 2029.The World Swimming Championship is the world’s top swimming competition hosted by the World Swimming Federation. It represents the highest level of the world swimming. There are six major projects of swimming, diving, swimming, water balls, open waters, and high -platform diving.The holding of this World Cup Beijing Station will also accumulate valuable experience in the Beijing Swimming World Championships in 2029.The holding of international high -level water competitions will further promote the development of swimming in China and improve the level of Chinese swimming sports.This is also an important measure for Beijing’s efficient use of the Olympic heritage. It will fully show the city’s charm of the “double Olympic city”, help Beijing’s international communication center function construction and international consumer center city construction, and further enhance Beijing’s international influence.The holding of the Beijing Station of the World Cup will once again ignite the masses’ enthusiasm for water sports.

It is understood that Beijing is the first stop of the World Cup this year, and the second stop is in Paris. The competition time is May 3rd to 5th;The Fantasy Swimming World Cup Finals will compete in Budapest from July 5th to 7th.

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