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Wearing briefs in the sports industry is hotly debated, and the "triangle trend" in the fashion industry has caused discussion?

Fashion trends are sometimes quite mysterious.Earlier, the “triangle trend” led by Miu Miu and Prada on the fashion stage triggered widespread disc

Fashion trends are sometimes quite mysterious.Earlier, the “triangle trend” led by Miu Miu and Prada on the fashion stage triggered widespread discussion.However, unexpectedly, this trend moved to the movement world.Chinese track and field player Xia Siying’s briefs wearing in the game caused warm online discussions. What is going on?

Among them, Xia Singing, a 20 -year -old player known as “Chinese track and field Liu Yifei”, attracted everyone’s attention with its 182 cm tall figure, sweet appearance and championship results, but also caused people to wear high -cricket briefs in her game against her.focus on.Some netizens are worried that she will go away, and some even question whether she uses pants to increase her exposure.Xia Singing’s coaching group said that the athletes wearing briefs were mainly to reduce friction and wind resistance to increase speed.At that time, Xia Singing’s sportswear was not banned by the referee, so it did not violate the rules.The coaches call on the public to focus on the competition instead of amplifying and paying attention to things that have nothing to do with the competition, so as not to have unnecessary impact on the players.

Broisplaid trousers have become a hot topic in the sports world, and in the fashion industry, boutique brands have pushed briefs on the fashion stage.Last year, Miu Miu and Prada staged a tide of trousers.Miu Miu invited Emma Corrin to wear golden shiny briefs, paired with black stockings, and showed on the runway.At that time, this briefs were successfully discussed. In addition to the design of “wearing underwear”, its price was as high as $ 43,500. It is no wonder that it will become the focus of the topic.

Kendall Jenner

Among the people who have no pants, Kendall Jenner is a pioneer.As a fashion idol, she has no ability to wear the accomplishments. She has become the focus of trend, and her ability to bring goods is even more superb.She showed people with many pants -free styles, which is particularly noticeable.She showed the Bottega Veneta pantsless shape. With her supermodel -like figure, her long beautiful legs showed their charm and showed off without vulgarity, but made people feel natural and comfortable.It turns out that without wearing pants can create a noble style, and even play the role of Wonder Woman.Speaking, does the Wonder Woman become a pioneer without pants?

The traditional impression that breaks the underwear in it is indeed a major breakthrough in the fashion design community.Although few people wear this way in daily life, at least on the fashion stage, coupled with the support of stars such as Kendall Jenner and Liu Wen, the trend of briefs is sublimated and has caused widespread discussion.However, as an ordinary person, I may not boldly follow the trend of briefs.What do you think of this trend of trousers?

Jennie, a member of the women’s group Blackpink, appeared on the Korean version of “VOGUE” for the fifth time. The magazine recently released the May fashion blockbuster, which once again showed her “Human Chanel” style.In terms of clothing, the theme also echoed the theme. The stylist chose the vest items or minimalist clothing as the main fight.其中,最引人注目的是下身的「无裤风穿搭」,不论是白色底裤搭配刺绣网袜,还是几乎以黑色丝袜代替裤装,修长匀称的美腿都十分吸睛,完美展现了纯净Fashion style.

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