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When the science and technology arrived, many colleges and universities in our city successively carried out the theme activities of the popular science education series.

On the occasion of the 38th science and technology in Tianjin, combined with the theme of this science and technology week “promoting the spirit of

  On the occasion of the 38th science and technology in Tianjin, combined with the theme of this science and technology week “promoting the spirit of scientists to stimulate the vitality of the whole society”, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin Agricultural College and other universities successively carried out the theme activities of science education.In practice, large and middle -aged students can experience the charm of science and technology and plant “scientific” seeds.

  ”It turns out that there are so many stories in the land under our feet. Those rocks and soil have undergone hundreds of millions of years. It is really amazing.” “I also want to be a geologist to explore more unknown worlds.”On May 19th, representatives of teachers and students from some colleges and universities in Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei came to the Ministry of Geography of Tianjin Normal University to watch the science popularization exhibition of” The Sea Sangtian “, and carried out a unique research and practice activity.The exhibition is divided into 15 units and more than 50 exhibition boards. The precious historical pictures and a detailed scientific research in the promenade. With the picture of the geological age, it shows in order.Variety.Under the explanation of the teachers of the Normal University, the students participating in the event conducted a warm exchange on the content of the exhibition board, and the on -site interaction was frequent and the atmosphere was active.

  In the past few days, Tianjin University of Technology’s engineering training center, science popularization base and physical science popularization base, integrate existing resources, and organize many middle school students’ science popularization practice activities with the Organization of Maritime Academy.Nearly a thousand high school students in Nankai Tianjiabing Middle School and Tianjin Hongyi Middle School participated.A series of courses and activities, presented vivid knowledge, technology and “immersive” experience in the technical experience experience in intelligent manufacturing, the experience of new energy conversion in physical experiments, and the role experience of the captain in navigation technologyThe seeds of innovative seeds are silently sowed into the students’ hearts.

  During the Science and Technology Week, the representatives of the Tianjin Agricultural College of the School of Agriculture walked into the primary school to carry out ideological and political activities with the theme of grain safety, explaining the knowledge of grain science popularization such as grain safety.It will also organize scientific knowledge of science popularization, “popularize scientific knowledge, help scientific development” speech contest, “keep in mind Yin Yin’s entrustment to continue struggle” popular science activities, Yu Tuo’s non -heritage art experience activities, etc., and stimulate students to carry out scientific and technological innovation.Strong interest.

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