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Zhangjiajie City launched the 36th Patriotic Health Month "Healthy Town, Health Weight Weight" theme publicity activities

Activity siteRed Net Moment News April 24th (Reporter Qin Xiao Correspondent Deng Yu) On the morning of April 24th, in orde

Activity site
Red Net Moment News April 24th (Reporter Qin Xiao Correspondent Deng Yu) On the morning of April 24th, in order to advocate the healthy lifestyle of the people and improve the level of health literacy of the whole people, the 36th patriotic health month in Zhangjiajie City”The theme concentrated publicity activities were held in Zhongshang Plaza, Yongding District.Municipal Aiwei Office, Municipal Health and Health Commission, Municipal People’s Hospital, Municipal Disease Control Center, Municipal Health Education Propaganda Center, Yongding District Aiwei Office, local streets, communities and other units attended.
Measuring weight
Issuing publicity materials
On -site free clinic
At the event site, the staff provided services such as health -weight on -site free consultations, health nutrition consulting and other services for the people present, and distributed more than 1,000 copies of health popular science propaganda materials and environmental protection handbags to conduct personalized health guidance to the masses.In response to the health of residents, medical staff patiently gave answers, and told everyone to develop good health habits and diet methods to achieve “early prevention, early discovery, and early treatment.”
Through this activity, the masses learned more deeply how to maintain healthy weight through scientific diet, appropriate exercise and positive attitude.Everyone should start with themselves, enhance health awareness, be responsible for the health of themselves and their families, and strive to practice the new concept of “everyone’s participation, build sharing together”.
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