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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan: Le rides in "ride" to travel out of the outdoor sports "new favorite"

Bicycle Challenge Scene sceneRed Net Moment News May 20 (Wu Wenjin, a reporter from Rong Media Center, Wulingyuan District)

Bicycle Challenge Scene scene
Red Net Moment News May 20 (Wu Wenjin, a reporter from Rong Media Center, Wulingyuan District) On May 18th, with the last player rushed, the sixth “Merida Cup” Changsha Ningxiang to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park 300 kilometers of bicyclesThe cycling challenge has also come to an end. So far, the competition has been successfully held for six consecutive times.Driven by various types of events, the seeds of the cycling movement have taken root on the land of Wulingyuan, and cycling has gradually become a way of leisure and entertainment that many people are keen.
In the early summer, in the Baili Gorge of Wulingyuan District, the Wujiayu Health Theme Park, the Suoxi River, and the Park Highway, many riders can always be seen.They wore riding uniforms, safety helmets, or two or two groups, or three or five groups, galloping freely on the cycling trail, becoming a mobile landscape.
Adan from Yongding District is a member of these “army”.Every weekend, she will ride with her husband on the intersection of the garden to relax her body and mind.
The parking road is the love route of local riders, and it is also a must -brush route for many people to “practice”.The twists and turns of the road have been stretching, the road surface is spacious and clean, and public facilities such as cycling stations, observation stations, greeting stations, cultural walls, bicycle lanes, new energy vehicle charging pile along the road are all available.The excellent riding route that integrates online celebrities.
“Warm Yangtian is really comfortable to ride here. The scenery along the way is beautiful. You can feel natural at close range. If you are tired, you can stop and rest at the station.Dan said.
In addition to the residents of nearby districts and counties like Adan on this road, many are tourists living nearby homestays.
Mr. Li, a tourist who lives in Zishan Man, always likes to work with friends. Bicycles provided by the homestay ride on the nearby roads and breathe fresh air.”The scenery here is beautiful, and the clouds between the mountains and forests are lingering the air and the air is fresh. It is very convenient to ride a bicycle to various punch points. It not only exercises the body, but also relax. It is very good.” When it comes to riding a travel experience, Mr. Li is praised.Essence
Riding road
2024 Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Marathon scene
In recent years, Wulingyuan District has relying on its unique resource advantages to actively explore a new model of “sports+tourism” development, combining the flexibility, expansion of sports, and the fun of tourism to achieve the promotion of tourism, traveling with travel, and comprehensively improved.”Sports+tourism” level; at the same time, continuously upgrade and improve supporting facilities such as cycling trails and health theme parks. By hosting various sports events such as cycling, marathon, etc.Plumb the beautiful business card of the brand of sports competition in the city.
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