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Test the environment to build a complete set of big data systems (12: Load disk to the Hadoop environment)

BuildHadoopBig DatarunenvironmentNeed the following steps:1. Install javaenvironmentHadoopIt is developed based on Java, so you need to in

BuildHadoopBig DatarunenvironmentNeed the following steps:

1. Install javaenvironment
HadoopIt is developed based on Java, so you need to install java firstenvironmentEssenceYou can download the official installation package of JDK and install it according to the prompts.

2. DownloadHadoopInstallation package
existHadoopDownload the latest stable version on the official website, you can also download from the mirror website.

3. DecadeHadoopInstallation package
DownloadedHadoopThe installation package is decompressed to the specified directory, such as/OPT/HadoopEssenceYou need to configure after decompressionenvironmentVariables, willHadoopThe bin directory is added to the PATH.

4. ConfigurationHadoop
EnterHadoopInstall directory, configurationHadoopVarious parameters.It mainly includes four configuration files: Core-Site.xml, HDFS-SITE.XML, Mapred-Site.xml, and Yarn-Site.xml.For specific configuration, please refer toHadoopOfficial website document.

5. StartHadoop
existHadoopUse the command to start in the installation directoryHadoopEssenceFirst of all, it is necessary to formatHadoopFile system, using commandsHadoop nameNode -Format.Then use the command to startHadoopEach component, including NameNode, SecondaryNameNode, Datanode, ResourceManager, NodeManager, etc.

6. VerificationHadoopOperating status
Use the JPS command to viewHadoopWhether each process has been started successfully.useHadoopCombine the web interface, you can view itHadoopThe running status and the operation of each component.

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