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Qitaihe Peihou reserve talent "Taki" is stronger ice and snow sports business

In order to achieve the goal of “300 million people participating in the ice and snow sports” and better help the 2022 Beijing Winter

In order to achieve the goal of “300 million people participating in the ice and snow sports” and better help the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, with the strong support of the Provincial Sports Bureau, Qitaihe City is based on the point of building an advantageous brand project to build a high level of sports at high levels of sports.Relying on the reserve talent base, the power of the whole city, cultivating the reserve talents of ice and snow sports.

In recent years, 10 Winter Olympics and World Champions have been trained and transported to the province and the country to train and transport Yang Yang, Wang Meng, Sun Linlin, and Fan Kexin.There are 459 national gold medals, and a total of 304 outstanding athletes are transported to provincial and national.From 2005 to 2016, the Qitai River was named “National High -level Sports Reserve Talent Base” by the State General Administration of Sports in three consecutive rounds.The Provincial Sports Bureau is named Heilongjiang Province short track speed skating training base. In August 2017, it was named “National Short -track Speed Skating Qitaihe Sports Training Base” by the State General Administration of Sport. In December 2017, the State General Administration of SportSports cause outstanding contribution award. “

The diversified development of competitive projects, expand the channel of reserve talent transportation channels

In the final analysis, competition in competitive sports is the competition of reserve talents.Since 2015, in order to maintain and consolidate the advantages of the short -track speed skating project of the Qitaihe City, and strengthen the construction of a national high -level sports backup talent base, the winter project has been expanded from a single short track speed skating project to short track speed skating, speed skating, platform jumping, and platform jumping.Ski, skiing, skiing, skating queue, and ice hockey have developed from a single show to diversified development, achieving historic breakthroughs, and the Winter Olympics has increased significantly.

The number of talents of excellent ice and snow sports to the country and provincial has increased significantly.As of now, a total of 88 outstanding athletes were transported to the country and provincial, including 29 national teams: 8 people in short track speed skating, 14 people with speed skating, 6 people skiing, 1 skiing of the single board; the provincial team and the provincial sports school 59People: 26 people in short track skating, 21 people skids, 11 people in ice hockey, and 1 ski jumping.The number of athletes selected for the national team reached a record high. The national teams of 29 Qitaihe athletes were selected into the four projects of short track speed skating, speed skating, single -board skiing, and skiing.Among the national short track speed skating teams, there are 5 women athletes of Qitai River and 3 men’s athletes. They have created a new situation in the same development of men’s and women’s short track speed skating projects.A total of 59 athletes were selected as the total number of provincial teams and provincial sports school athletes. There were 59 athletes selected as provincial teams and provincial physical schools.11 people in ice hockey are the most time ever.At present, there are 406 mobilities, including 50 key athletes in Harbin, 30 athletes in the training class, and 326 special schools in characteristic schools.1257 registered athletes of the national short track speed skating project announced by the winter transportation center of 2016-2017, 257 people registered in Qitaihe City, accounting for 20.4%of the total number of registrations in the country, accounting for 41.1%of the total number of registration of Heilongjiang Province, accounting for the provincial team and the provincial body and the provincial body.The total number of school registration is 31.1%, which is the most reserved and most comprehensive cities in the country and the province’s short -track speed skating reserve.

Skiing, skiing U -shaped venue, speed skating, pattern skating, ice hockey and other projects, not only filling the gaps on the snow and ice projects of the Qitai River.At the 14th Provincial Games, the two gold medals and 3 gold medals were won.Breakthrough.

Since 2013, each competition project has won a total of 21 world -class gold medals, 58 national gold medals, 94 provincial gold medals, 1 person once broke the national record, and 1 person broke the world records 2 times.Especially at the 13th Winter Games of the country, the excellent results of 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 copper, and Harbin and Changchun City are tied to the first place in the gold medal list of the national short track speed skating project.Sixth place.At the same time, the new world champion of Li Hongshuang and Yu Wei, Yu Wei achieved the world -class gold of the Qitaihe men

Breakthrough of the card zero.

Hold the competition to promote training to improve the actual level of reserve talents

2013 Qitaihe Sports Center Integrated Gymnasium

After the completion and use, it has a bar that has undertakes large -scale events

Pieces, the training hall has reached ice, land and physical training

Integrated, venue conditions and training conditions can meet the whole

A collection of cities, provincial teams, eastern regions and national training teams

Training.He successively hosted the provincial short track speed skating championship, the 13th provincial sports meeting short track speed skating competition, the national short track speed skating league and the national team trials, 2017-2018 Heilongjiang Province short track speed skating league and genius national team HeilongjiangThe district qualifiers and the national short track speed skating league youth group third stop and fourth stop and other events were 15 times. More than 200,000 teams participated in the event.There are more than 700 participating teams, with more than 10,000 participants.The national team, the provincial short -track team, the Zhejiang short -track speed skating team, the Shibo short -sighted speed skating team, the Jiamusi short track team and the Russian figure skating team were trained.Through a series of events and training activities, the athlete training level and combat ability have been greatly improved, and the training of high -level reserve talents has been effectively promoted.

Carry out Volkswagen ice and snow activities to build the foundation of reserve talent training

We have widely carried out the activities of mass ice and snow sports events, and organized the launching ceremony of the “Ice Reward” Volkswagen Ice and Snow Series and the first winter outdoor hiking conference of the city’s “Sports Cup”, the launching ceremony of the National Ice and Snow Activity Day and the “Sports Lottery Cup” youth play.Binglexue, the second winter outdoor hiking conference, the city’s primary and secondary school students speed skating race, the “future star” short track speed skating series, elementary and middle school snow football game, ice fun sports meeting, outdoor ice fishing competition, Outdoor Ice and Snow Park Family Parent -Child Fun Event and other events, more than a hundred events, more than a thousand teams and more than 70,000 people in Qitaihe City participated in the event, which greatly enriched the Qitaihe “Bingle Snow” activity.The foundation of the Qihe River Ice and Snow Sports Reserve Talents has been firmly built.

Strengthen sports exchanges and broaden the international vision of reserve talents

In 2015, the Russian Sports delegation was invited to visit and establish a relationship and cooperation with the Russian Habarovsk Border Area and the Binhai Band.In 2017, the Seven River Sino -Russian Ice and Snow Sports Cultural Exchange activities were held, and the Sino -Russian Youth Short -speed Speed Invitational Tournament and Snow Football Friendship Tournament was launched.Lisque City’s short track speed skating international invitational tournament, 5 gold medals are won.In 2018, China · Qitai River China -Russia short -sighted summer skating camps and national youth sports winter and summer camps (Heilongjiang · Qitaihe Station), China · Qitai River, Sino -Russian Youth Martial Arts, Taekwondo International Invitational Tournament, China · QitaiA series of activities such as Hezhong -Russia and South Korea Youth Sports Exchange Association invites the Russian coastal Band of the Russian coastal Band City, Usrisk City, Danyang County, South Korea, Heilongjiang, China, Jilin, Liaoning, etc.The series of activities participated by more than 500 people on the delegation, which greatly promoted the impact of the city business card of the Qitaihe “hometown of the Chinese Winter Olympics Champion”, promoted the exchange of the Qitai River on Russia and South Korea sports, expanded the impact of the Qitai River’s external exchanges.force.

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