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Youth is "burning", the young farmers will be vitality MAX!

Students and teenagers, Fenghua Zhengmao, Qingnong students are bright and refreshing, stimulating youth.On April 18th, the 46th track and

Students and teenagers, Fenghua Zhengmao, Qingnong students are bright and refreshing, stimulating youth.On April 18th, the 46th track and field sports meeting of Qingdao Agricultural University was officially held. On this day, Qingnong people gathered in the Fifth Ring Stadium to share the Qingnong Movement.Qingnong University Student Art Troupe played today’s prelude with the musical instruments in their hands. The students’ neat steps rang, and the drums were full of exciting atmosphere.In the drum sound, the color flag fluttered, like a pair of colorful scrolls. The spring breeze and orchestra ensemble, which kicked off the Qingnong Games together.

The racing students rushed out like a sword with a shot of the shot at the moment of the shot, and the amazing explosive power made the audience amazing.They gritted their teeth on the track. With the firm perseverance of the Qingnong people, they rushed towards the dazzling finish line and towards their goals.

The students who cast the shot worked hard, and the shot of the shot broke through the sky. A perfect arc flashed, whistling towards the distance.”Lead” Jun Yiyi is the release of the students’ power, a challenge to the limit, and a moment of accumulation. The shot shot with the student’s period to the end of it and witnessed the outbreak of every strength of Qingnong students.The birth of victory also shows the unlimited potential and possibilities of students.

Standing in front of the jumping line, the long -jump student looked calmly with strength, kicking with both feet, jumping forward with the power, and then landing lightly to complete the “curtain” lightly.The spring breeze blows, blowing their surging enthusiasm, the young man’s eyes are like a torch, his eyes are full of the belief of winning, and the confident look is better than the spring and won the applause.

Behind the athletes with a strong posture, there are always a group of cute green farmers who are sticking to their work.The busy figures of volunteers shuttle in the crowd. Not only are they busy checking, they also care about the physical conditions of the players. They can build a temporarily rest shade shed for the players.They maintain the order of the scene and escort the smooth protection of the Games.

The referees stick to their posts and do their own jobs. The command of that sound and a pair of firm eyes show that they are paying attention to the details of the game with a high degree of attention, strictly follow the standards of the rules., Guarding the fairness and justice of the game, guarding the results of each player with sweat.

The students of the photography camera used the lens to capture the highlights of the players, and recorded the lively expression of the young farmers.There is a camera in the camera, and this memory is also retained by the student reporter in the form of text.Back to record this wonderful moment.

There was a powerful shout from the audience, supporting the athletes to run towards the target.The applause was applauding, applauding every brave man who was brave.They feel the vitality of the players. While applauding their amazing perseverance, the strength and spiritual moment of exercise are remembered in the youthful memory of the young farmers, inspiring them to continue to show infinite potential in college life!

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